“Lightning torch” is coming to an end, behind the company Li Jiacheng cast

In about a week, called “lightning network payment lightning torch” coming to an end.

This is a full-time bitcoin enthusiasts initiated by hodlonaut in 1 19 April inadvertently social experiment activities.

Money every 1 a user will increase a little cost, has now accumulated 395 million (about 1056 yuan Cong), and is constantly increasing in.

This payment is called “lightning lightning torch” (Lightning Torch), has passed 258 times, more than 50 countries across six continents.

The Twitter launched the experiment quickly became popular in the bitcoin community, participants including financial giant fidelity (Fidelity) encryption, LinkedIn investment asset team co-founder Reid Hoffman and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

“This event was restrained, trust and altruism as a whole.” Bitcoin writer Colin Harper commented.

Is this really true? The bitcoin community is no shortage of non controversial and, on the surface of the bottom so peaceful, always flash Blockstream figure.

Blockstream is a block chain technology company, was a duopoly in him in the bitcoin community, and bit, bit, after leaving home, Blockstream will undoubtedly become the new world of giants.

He is still the largest bitcoin core development team sponsors, but also hire bitcoin core developers the largest company. Its main business is bitcoin side chain lightning, network development and bitcoin has said the ambiguous relationship ambiguous.

There is no denying that his every act and every move, are involved with the bitcoin community, of course, also includes a “lightning torch”.

Behind the scenes

“Lightning torch” 233 Adam Back rod falling slowly on the hands.

Torchbearers, the British cryptographers excited nearly 50 year old said: “I got the” Torch “lightning network development so fast, interactive operation has been advanced, how cool.”

The day is 2 25 April, a normal day, HUAWEI released a folding screen mobile phone Mate X.

Adam Back is the impact of bitcoin creation, he called bitcoin “Godfather” – the results of its work in the bitcoin white paper quoted many times, that bitcoin workload (POW) from the Hashcash.

At the same time, Adam Back or Blockstream CEO.

Blockstream was founded in 2014, is now the world’s most powerful block chain company, by Adam Back and Gregory Maxwell, Pieter Wuille Bitcoin Core (bitcoin network client software developers, hereinafter referred to as Core) Co founded.

Today, Blockstream is hiring Bitcoin most of the Core company, in addition to Gregory Maxwell, Pieter Wuille, Jonathan Wilkins, Jorge Timon, Andrew Poelstra, Mark Friedenbach, Luke Dashjr and Bitcoin Core members has also worked in the Blockstream.

In addition, Blockstream is one of the largest contributor to Bitcore.

It was speculated that Blockstream is the “lightning torch” behind the scenes manipulator.

From the beginning of the birth, Blockstream and Core are inextricably linked. It has been regarded as the representative and spokesperson for Core developers, and, on behalf of the confrontation and mining bit.

No one can deny the importance of Blockstream in the bitcoin community. Now the bitcoin world two key technologies of network isolation and lightning witness is driven by the Blockstream birth.

In May 2015, Blockstream has also hired Linux Rusty Russell Bryant, who used C language to achieve lightning network, known as C-Lightning, the lightning network from concept to reality.

In December of the same year, bitcoin core developers, Blockstream co-founder Pieter Wuille proposed to isolate the witness, then in 2017 applied to the bitcoin network.

The Blockstream is concerned, every act and every move affects the development of bitcoin production section.

At present, Blockstream is one of the main business is the development of bitcoin side chain Elements. The launch of Liquid chain alliance in October 2016, for the exchange, companies and traders to provide money transfer services, service charges.

At present, the side chain of Liquid and data presentation services can create revenue for Blockstream.

This has also brought the negative comments. YouTube called a Decentralized Thought video blogger called Blockstream, the monopoly of the bitcoin network, because of its side chain service can be accepted, congestion depends on the bitcoin network. When the main chain of more congestion, the side chain will be more and more people choose to use, which is one of the main income of Blockstream.

The blogger said, BlockStream is a pursuit of profit for the purpose of business development, profit demands the primary purpose is not bitcoin but investors.

It is reported that, BlockStream completed a total of 8000 million dollars in financing, investors include Li Jiacheng’s venture fund harbor investment, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and former chairman of Google Eric Schmidt.

All these make this company BlockStream is controversial but cannot ignore its existence.

“As a company, certainly can not do a good buy.” Bitcoin early investor Zhao Nan of Odaily said the daily planet, has been bitcoin between the two forces in the struggle, a support expansion of the “big block faction”, one does not support the expansion of the “Core”.

“The reason for Blockstream or Core now send a single large, and” big block faction “run.” He said.

Bitcoin Civil War

On the morning of May 21, 2017, the New York Times Square, the crossroads of the world.

There is a secret meeting at Marquis Marriott open-air roof, many participants wearing sunglasses, reminiscent of “the matrix” in the most classic scene.

This is the New York consensus conference, Wu Jihan sat in the middle. The sun was off sunglasses, burning red hot, but still have to continue to sit. They are quietly waiting for the arrival of each other.

This is the participants on behalf of Blockstream Adam Back, who is Miu Yongquan, he was stopped at the door.

“If Miu Yongquan attended the talks, we will refuse to attend.” A group of protesters are gathered, seeing more and more opponents, Miu Yongquan had refused to enter the host. He left angrily.

Adam Back had signed a bitcoin expansion agreement, namely the Hongkong consensus, but he later said only on behalf of himself, can not represent Blockstream, consensus burst. He didn’t go to the New York consensus conference site, because he was not allowed to attend other staff Blockstream.

Wu Jihan also opposed Miu Yongquan admission, because he thought was in the circle of fame is not very good, “Miu Yongquan often on Twitter for some members of the community did not limit personal attacks”.

Wu Jihan on the winner, he did not seem to expect what is waiting for him.

Focus of this discussion is that the New York consensus conference (Segregated Witness) isolated witness should bind hard (will block the capacity expansion bifurcation increased from 1 MB to 2 MB), so that both.

Blockstream represents the Core faction support isolated witness + lightning network, does not support the expansion, while Wu Jihan represents the “big block” support + isolation and expansion.

This is the collision of Two Oligarchic interests. Core’s view is bitcoin transactions to reduce the backbone chain, congestion, but this chain trading less, the miners fee also earn less.

Wu Jihan to support trading in the chain, fundamentalism, the wise follow but so, Blockstream invested two years developing the lightning network has not so just need.

The representatives of both sides of both interests, a fierce confrontation stalemate.

China bitcoin mining on behalf of “Mars” Xu Zijing also said in an interview, a bit, as a vehicle manufacturer, with a natural force control is the core development team, bitcoin bitcoin network forming a real monopoly, the formation of a duopoly situation when in.

Finally, change the duopoly pattern is a called James Core developers.

At that time, 21 countries 56 block chain company New York consensus and support both at the same time, Segwit2X.

The next day, while preparing the vote, James developers in rigged voting, finally turned into a witness not only support isolation support expansion.

Wu Jihan et al BTC bifurcation, BCH was born.


Third bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik left the core team of developers in 2015, Nakamoto 2 generation Gavin Andresen in 2016 by other core developers team members deprived of merging code right.

Core gradually took control of the right to speak.

Miu Yongquan the last 8 months, the second quarter loss bit broke, 6 ~ 8 billion, 12 25 April once again broke the news, BCH bit laid off employees, is called the New York consensus to eat cold-shoulder treatment revenge.

Now the bitcoin event “lightning torch” was like a raging fire, twitter, Jack CEO Dorsey “master” author Andreas Antonopoulos bitcoin, bitcoin founder Zhao Changpeng have received the torch. You see, curiosity and speculation, received the next bar is the Tesla CEO eilon musk or Kobe Bryant.

On the other side of the “big block” collective absence, BCH sent have to keep silent.

A thousand things wait to be done in the world

After the civil war, the bitcoin world a thousand things wait to be done. “Lightning torch” seems to give the devastated world brings hope.

“Lightning network” can save bitcoin? Or, to the end of the bear market? This is the initiator of Hodlonaut’s desire for more than a month, he called Mask eilon on twitter. Hundreds of times, he told Mask to white, said if Mask accept bitcoin, the bull market has come.

However, eilon musk has no response.

Hodlonaut is a full-time bitcoin enthusiasts, and is a staunch “cash”, he is a twitter avatar’s cat, the suit right chest written on NO2X (anti apartheid witness 2X).

“In the lightning on the network transaction makes me feel excited just like when I first discovered bitcoin.” Hodlonaut said in an interview.

Like Hodlonaut of lightning enthusiasts more than one network. According to bitcoin.com reports, the core bitcoin developer Luke BTC Dash Jr proposed a block size reduced to 300 kb. This is not the first time the developers put forward this concept, but this time, is to promote the lightning network (Lightning Network) by.

闪电网络如此重要。 Miu Yongquan said in an interview with Babbitt, “lightning network is a market bitcoin payment network, it can be said that the lightning network is bitcoin cash.”

“Core more and more government, Keynes planned economy, the taste of it?” Wright currency mining pool CEO Jiang comments on micro-blog news of the drow.

Zhao Nan said that the block chain world has always been a “Impossible Triangle”, that is, to the center of the safety, efficiency, network efficiency in order to sacrifice the lightning to the center, will inevitably lead to similar to the traditional role of banks, which will lead to lightning network and traditional world no two to accept supervision and examination oligarchy.

Miu Yongquan to the daily planet Odaily revealed that Luke has called for a long time to reduce the small block size, even in the bitcoin civil war. His goal is to be the bitcoin blockchain volume remains in the controllable range.”

Similarly, Luke and Blockstream are inextricably linked. According to the Luke Dash Jr Luke Dash led the British data show, Jr 3 2014 2 since the month to 2018 years as co-founder of Blockstream and contract workers.

But Miu Yongquan responded that the co-founder of Luke is not Blockstream. He is engaged in bitcoin related businesses when Blockstream was established, and the contract form for us to do some work, “but in our promotional materials never listed him as a co-founder of Blockstream”.

Lightning torch relay network, outlines the power relations in the bitcoin community, including Lightning Labs and Joost Jager founder Elizabeth Stark engineer and investor Jack Dorsey, of course, was right and Adam Back as the representative of the Blockstream is one of the most important node in the.

Adam Back in 2 days to master the lightning torch, which was handed over to Blockstream investors, “PayPal gang members, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

“Bitcoin to complete the transition from gold to digital payment, these traditional need the power of the internet.” Zhao Nan said that from the beginning of the emergence of Blockstream, Internet, traditional venture capital strength in the continuous invasion of this to the center of the world. “This kind of top-down play, meet the business logic, but deviates from the original intention.”

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