LinkedIn and Upwork platform bitcoin-related job vacancies surge

nRunaway Comment: crypto-currency and blockchain technology development process accompanied by lack of professional and technical personnel, so more and more institutions and colleges and universities began to set up related technical courses and training programs. With the development of these years, the number of jobs for these talents on LinkedIn and Upwork platforms has risen sharply. Among them, the demand for related technical positions in the software industry and the financial services industry increased the most. Current demand for blockchain technology professionals is similar to the early days of Internet boom.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
In recent years, LinkedIn and Upwork platforms have significantly increased the number of jobs related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Both platforms said the number of related positions increased by several times.n
Linkedin found cryptocurrency-related skills posted more than five-fold growthn
Most of the cryptography-related positions on the Linkedin platform come from the software industry, and Bloomberg reports that this segment accounts for about 70% of all cryptocurrency-related positions. The number of jobs based on cryptocurrencies in the software industry continues to soar, up 460% from the entire cryptocurrency position compared to three years ago.n
Of these, cryptocurrency-related jobs posted the largest increase in the financial services industry, with LinkedIn showing an increase of about 900% over the past three years.n
In recent years, Bitcoin has gradually increased its mainstream adoption rate from the tasteless status. LinkedIn reflects this trend, noting that the number of positions offering cryptocurrency skills is 28 times four years ago, with a 550% increase in those claiming to be holders of bitcoin-related skills.n
Upwork said the block chain industry related positions rose more than 2500%n
Recently, CNBC reported a growing trend among students from well-known institutions to find employment in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. The article said that the popular freelance platform Upwork witnessed blockchain-related skills in the third quarter of 2017 as the second-fastest-growing section of the platform. Upwork also saw a 2,625% increase in the number of freelance jobs in the blockchain industry over 2016. The article also said Stanford plans to launch a detailed course covering cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.n
The data from LinkedIn and Upwork, along with other cumulative numbers, prove that bitcoin is in the early stages of what most people use. Forbes’s recent article, It’s 1994 in Cryptocurrency, mentions the similarities between today’s cryptocurrency industry and the early days of the Internet boom in the 1990s. The article asserts that currently the global adoption of cryptocurrencies is estimated to be 0.5% of the total population, double the number of connected consumers in 1994.n

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