LinkedIn co-founder: bitcoin is my next five years investment plan

LinkedIn co-founder: bitcoin is my next five years investment plan

LinkedIn co-founder Facebook Greylock, an early investor and capital partners, known as Silicon Valley “connections” King Reid Hoffman (Reid Hoffman) in an CNBC financial program interview bitcoin showed great enthusiasm.


In the past 6-12 months, bitcoin ecosystem has aroused the interest of Hoffman, he praised the bitcoin said:
“I think the general ledger distributed across the world system is really an incredible, it could be money, or other things.” Hoffman joined the bitcoin wallet security startups Xapo Board recently, the company announced last week from the Greylock partnership capital companies such as that received a $20 million financing.

This interview is the theme of Hoffman according to his investment experience to assess the current market investment opportunities.

It is worth noting that, although the host recommends that investors consider wearable technology in the next three to five years, the automation of health care and families of these industries, Hoffman was more and more about bitcoin.

Innovation platform

Hoffman also stressed that bitcoin real innovation will be the platform, he called “the most interesting story”.

Bitcoin has cited intelligent contract has not yet been fully resolved by the example of innovation, Hoffman said:
“You can put bitcoin transplantation to other things, it may be in your car, so your car may also catch a ledger system, which means that you can do the electronic contract.”

Bitcoin investment

In the interview, Hoffman talked about his bitcoin personal experience, and the confirmation date in addition to the investment in Xapo, he also purchased some bitcoin.

Hoffman also said that he is not so worried about bitcoin prices:

“I’m not every day to see the price of bitcoin, bitcoin investment is three to five years, rather than a short duration of time.”

However, Hoffman also reminded investors should not direct the money to invest in bitcoin, unless they do lose money for.

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