Logistics experts: the deployment of block-chain technology can maintain the EU border trade environment

nnnIn the recent announcement that the UK will announce the customs system in 2019, many of the border companies and ports with frequent trade with the EU are concerned that this may increase business costs and time. Marine Transport International experts believe that block chains can effectively address these issues because they have proven their ability to play an important role in the shipping supply chain.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nEuropean Minister David Davis announced on August 17 that it would implement a new customs system in 2019, which would allow companies that rely on larger routes with Irish border traffic and ports such as Dover to worry that the new policy would increase its business with EU member states Time and cost of travel. Logistics experts believe that the reliable application of block chain can provide a solution for the management burden of new initiatives.n
nMarine Transport International CEO Jody Cleworth has recently witnessed a successful chain of supply chain chain projects. He believes that the same technology can maintain the British in the exchanges with the EU to enjoy the “no resistance” border environment.n
nJody commented:n
nn”The block chain provides a better way to record customs data and can be shared securely and transparently with multiple parties.We have seen how the block chain system can significantly reduce the associated management costs and processing in the ocean supply chain time.”n
nnHe added: “You can set block chains to allow border officials to automatically access vehicle-related data and documents. There is also the advantage of having an immutable source record, which means that the supply chain or goods can be traced back Source and destination, which allows agencies to view real-time access to and departure from a particular port, for example, to easily track potentially dangerous goods without fear of losing them due to management errors.n
nn”The challenges facing the new UK / EU border policy must be addressed by the best possible technology, and block chains are one of the best choices.n

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