London Mayfair Art Gallery began to accept Bitcoin and other encrypted currencies

nnnThe Mayfair Gallery in London, England, began to accept tickets for the use of Bitcoin, Tathagata, Lehman, and other encrypted currencies to prove the development of encrypted money again. The gallery operator says the field needs a systematic change, connecting with emerging technologies and de-centric areas.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe Dadiani Fine Art Gallery in London, England, began to accept tickets in encrypted currency, such as Bitcoin, Taitong, Lehman, and so on, showing higher heats in Bitcoin and other encrypted currencies.n
nGallery operator Eleesa Dadiani said, “We will combine ancient business ethics and practices with the new era of technology, because the existing system is out of date and needs to change.”n
nn”The encrypted currency will provide an excellent center of the art market to connect to the center of the open source world bridge, allowing more areas to become part of this exciting market.”n
nnThe gallery offers F1 racing exhaust pipe made of sculpture.n
nGallery acceptance of encrypted currency payments is another sign of public awareness and acceptance.n
nAlthough Bitcoin and other early encryption currencies are mysterious, the public sector has begun to take advantage of the block chain and the power of the encrypted currency. More and more companies recognize their payment status, the heat and price of these tokens will continue to increase.n

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