Long-awaited! You are looking forward to Cybex Chinese name!

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Since its preparation in July last year and now at the crucial juncture of its development, Cybex has been devoting itself to the concept of “Believing in the Power of Technology, Putting Users First, Protecting the Interests of Investors and Concerned about the Healthy Development of the Industry” Constantly polished products, and strive to bring users a better use of the experience.n
After more than six months of dormancy, Cybex finally returned with the beta version of the product. We know the importance of community and ecology to the application of blockchain. We devote every effort to develop the process to keep in touch with the community and users. We regularly disclose the progress of the project and collect feedback from users so as to accumulate a considerable number of users in the world , Community ecology has gradually taken shape.n
From Cybex to “Cybex”n
To further expand its influence in the Chinese community, the Cybex team launched the Chinese Call for Entries on January 9, 2018. We look forward to giving Cybex a meaningful Chinese name from the community. In just two days after the launch of the event, we received feedback from more than 200 community users via official channels such as WeChat, Telegram, QQ and more.n
Cybex English name taken from “Cyber ​​Exchange”, where Cyber ​​is derived from the Greek word Kubernetes, meaning helmsman. Cybex aims to be a decentralized exchange that will lead the blockchain technology trend on the exchange. In the name of more than 200 user feedback, Cybex team selected one by one, after repeated consideration, the final decision to 【Cyberbeard】 as our Chinese name for the promotion of foreign currency, the earliest use of the currency as a metaphor, highlights Cybex not forget Beginning, the determination to contribute value to the commercial prosperity of mankind.n
Community Rewardsn
In this Chinese name collection activities, users submitting the Chinese name selected will also receive 1000 CYBs awarded by the Cybex team as a reward. The Cybex team will contact the winning user about reward distribution later on.n

Miss this award? It’s ok. Next, CYBEX will also launch more community interactive activities, community users are welcome to participate actively to win more rewards!n
The future has come, not on the train? Are you ready for the future trading system based on the graphene blockchain?n

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