Los Angeles artist tells you what bit of coin banknotes will grow!

nnnIt is not a fresh topic, but there is already a company that has successfully launched a real currency. However, an artist in Los Angeles is now in a different way, and the bitcover block is displayed in the form of a painting, which is in the world. Inside or for the first time. This attempt is novel and interesting, aroused people’s attention.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAn artist in Los Angeles is carrying out a project that shows the Bitcoin block as a paper currency.n
nThis is perhaps the most interesting attempt to create a “physical bit”. In this project, Matthias Dorfelt used Hach to create 64 random blocks and convert them into their physical representations.n
nDorfelt tells the “Fast Company” magazine that, from a technical point of view, the block chain invented by Bitcoin is one of the most pioneering things of the past few years.n

nn”Bitcoin itself is very valuable, it is now too important, has been lingering in my mind.n
nnThe appearance of each banknote is based on the hash, including the number of transactions processed in the block, the signature of “Satoshi”, and a graphic similar to the hood in the middle. Different examples of color schemes are also different.n
nThe hood figure does not have any specific meaning, but it looks strange and disturbing, together with the style of the whole picture is reminiscent of Edward Munch’s painting “cry”.


nOver the years, many companies have tried to make a breakthrough in the real bit market, but also the success of the Denarium, which launched a valuable gold-plated entity Bitcoin.n
nMany people feel that this product is very novel, entrepreneur and investor Alistair Milne last year to buy a solid bit currency.n

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