Lose everything! Bitcoin fell 77% mill by catty sale, only 2000 million people 10

Less than a year, bitcoin fell to 77%

The U.S. stock market bear market is the circle of reign of terror, the coin intensified.

In November 21st, bitcoin prices fell below $4300, is refers to the breakdown mill shutdown price was essentially flat with a year ago in September 4th when the price regulation full stop ICO.

In the past 7 days, bitcoin fell more than 22%. Since the beginning of this year, bitcoin has fallen 66%. From December 2017 highs, Less than a year, bitcoin fell to 77%.

Some investors said that bitcoin 5 days fell $1000, At the beginning of the year to buy 20 dollars, now losses will exceed one million.

According to CoinMarketCap.com, the peak of encryption currency industry since January has depreciated more than 6600 billion dollars.

By the end of 2017, bitcoin prices topped $20 thousand, at a dizzying peak in history. In 2010, a bitcoin value was 0.25 cents. Seven years have skyrocketed 4 million times, making bitcoin become an asset bubble is one of the largest in the history of mankind.

Good times don’t last long。 After 2018, bitcoin has experienced a huge decline, for months in the mining cost of electricity price fluctuation above $6000.

Bitcoin “avalanche” has caused a series of chain reaction. At the beginning of the year, currency prices generally fell to 70% encryption.

Ethernet coins, reboxetine currency and other currencies have plummeted, the crypto currency market value of only $150 billion, and $850 billion at the beginning of the scale far; major U.S. GPU manufacturer NVIDIA (NVIDIA) recently, the stock price plummeted, $23 billion in market value.

According to the daily economic news incomplete statistics, in the 2479 encrypted currency, prices in RMB ten cents below 1400, a penny below 611. A lot of “copycat coins, currency prices close to zero in the air”, Investors.

Mills by catty sale, there have been billions of losses of miners!

Bitcoin mining machine with currency price languishing and suffered mine: some small and medium-sized mines but mine resale liquidation.

According to multiple information display, After some small bitcoin mine mill hill of general waste heap in the yard, even being in accordance with the price of catty to sell scrap metal.

In micro-blog, WeChat friends, bitcoin forum platform, in recent days, losing a lot of speculators are but a “Starving people fill the land”. Even a senior game player said their money ring assets The loss of more than 85% , “declared bankruptcy”.

Some people lose everything, only 100 thousand yuan 2000

In this wave of “no end” of the crash, a well-known domestic bitcoin forum of the two day was “cried” netizens Shuabing washing version.

The evening of November 20th, the netizen posting said, 100 thousand yuan investment in their own currency price peak, now only 2000 yuan, The equivalent of kuidiao 98% principal.

In the heating of the post, a second said, their 4.6 million investment in a few days on the loss of 1.5 million yuan. In the main version of other posts, in these days the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars a few friends.

Because of unbearable loss, A lot of game player sold mining equipment”, Wash out the coin ring. At the same time as the dollar fell, mining income cannot compensate for electricity and other mandatory spending, making some loss of mine clearance can only be.

According to the “first-line” Tencent news reports, even some decline in the price of bitcoin Have a number of mills cost breakdown . The domestic part of the small and medium sized mines have reluctantly sold its liquidation. A year ago the price up to twenty thousand Taiwan machine, second-hand sale price of only 1000 yuan.

Pessimistic experts: the future also fell 70%

Bloomberg and other financial media generally believe that bitcoin (BCH) in cash Hard fork” Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the main reasons why recently fell.

The so-called bifurcation, as a crypto currency for the original encryption technology community consensus currency differences, in the original chain points out a new chain, and thus produce a new currency, and differences in the technical route is behind the conflict of interests, stable operation and transaction of bifurcation force can affect the other currency, it is also the cause is the battle to compete for dominance split coin.

This bifurcation hard by self proclaimed Nakamoto Australian Craig Steven Wright (commonly known as “Australia within the circle of the Cong) initiated, the primary cause is the conflict of interest between him and CEO, Wu Jihan bit concept differences and mineral pools.

In November 20th Australia Satoshi tweeted that:

Everything is over, bitcoin is a kind of commodity classification, eventually return to money. Don’t have what “digital assets”, only fraud and sound cash, make a choice.

Bloomberg analyst McClung warned that the crypto currency fell momentum may become worse, He even predicted the price of bitcoin may evaporate 70% of market value, fell below $1500 mark.

Coin circle chiefs have disappear.

With the digital currency bear away, there are a number of coin circle chiefs announced to retire.

10 month, The etheric Fang founder V god” When asked whether he would take a back seat from the etheric Fang on the future, “V said,” God “is already underway, most of the work is now completed by the partners.”

9 month 30 days, once known as the “Bitcoin’s richest man” Li Xiaolai announced on the micro-blog withdraw money ring, said he is no longer a project investment, ready to switch.

In August, a number of media reports Xue Manzi 90 “disciple” Zhu Pan Suspected ZJLT (Ultimate Books) project cut chives. Subsequently, zhupan declared: “the permanent withdrawal from the currency, not shirk any responsibility, I am sorry, I have a clear conscience all along!”

January, Xu Zijing Mars On the circle of friends announced that “Mars back to Mars to retire! Goodbye, block chain!”. At the same time, he also said that the indefinite exit all foreign investment and project consultant.

On the 19 day of the “new economy chain block 2018 Hangzhou summit, Chen Weixing said:” The market may be even worse than I thought Now, the trading market fell to 10%, then the future will fall 50%, even bitcoin prices will drop to 50% from the peak of 90% is possible. Now is the time to admit, We do a lot of things is not good enough.”

Early in the 2014 years, Buffett put forward to “Stay away from bitcoin, that is an illusion.” In May this year, Buffett said in an interview, Bitcoin is more toxic than drugs.”

Don’t know at low tide in the circle of “naked” currency speculators, miners at this moment, will not think Ba Lao had a warning?

The 21 Financial Wenhui comprehensive self: Daily Economic News (nbdnews), Wind (windzxsh)

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