M net (MintPal) Tuesday back online trading platform, technical problems provoke complaints

M net (MintPal) Tuesday back online trading platform, technical problems provoke complaints

The new MintPal long-awaited re launched on Tuesday, but at disadvantage, some technical problems for some users to access their accounts.

Copycat currency exchange MintPal digital currency service provider acquired by Moolah in July, the platform update repeatedly bounced. Last September, Moolah moved to the new to old platform on the platform.

The new version of the MintPal has been in operation, but some of the tools and resources including charts are not used. The basic function of the normal work, the user can deposit and withdraw, but MintPal has a lot of problems to deal with the user, including account login, authentication, market transactions and currency balance.

The MintPal team is actively dealing with the problem of users, from frequent updates on twitter updates can be seen. Although some users could not access to their accounts, but a few hours before the company released an update that is actively processing accounts.

The rebirth of MintPal

The new version of the MintPal trading volume before going to restore the lost coin event. Lost money sparked security problems, eventually acquired by Moolah. When Moolah bought MintPal in July, CEO Alex Green of coindesk said the completion of this takeover because his company saw the expansion of investment opportunities, because it is one of the world’s most popular copycat currency exchange.

Then he said: “we believe that we have the best security team and operations experts, can lead the exchange into the next stage.” In order to increase the volume, MintPal provides a series of incentives, such as at the end of the year do not charge fees.

MintPal back to the first transaction volume reached 100BTC users to provide 1.5 bitcoin reward, in the early hours, the trading volume of some copycat currency exchange reached 100btc, although I do not know whether this is a single user to complete the.

The attitude of the community

From the MintPal to the line since the social media is full of discussion.

A few days ago, Moolah said on twitter data migration, which caused the user to question the ability of the company, although some people would like to see it reproduce the brilliant day trading volume 10000btc earlier this year.

公众的期望被这重新上线的问题泼了冷水。 Some users for this on-line angry waiting for so long time.

These problems make some users believe that the MintPal is not yet ready to back online, and at least a copycat currency of the reluctant to trade its currency in mintpal.

Another user said, mintpal interface is to buy digital media market Envato template.

Company said on twitter that ProUI template is for temporary use, “we will continue to repair the current problems, as much as we can to improve. Get rid of the existing design templates for the internal template for a clear focus, we must first solve the problem of account. We have a long-term plan.”

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