Malaysia online retail giant i-Pmart to accept bitcoin, and will not be converted to legal tender

Malaysia online retail giant i-Pmart to accept bitcoin, and will not be converted to legal tender


Malaysia’s main online mobile phone and electronic parts retailer i-Pmart last week to accept bitcoins as payment. The company’s CEO and founder Mart Tang said the company will not receive bitcoin into local currency.

Although the company is headquartered in Malaysia, but their basic business is an international, including China market and the U.S. market. Bitcoin payment options first landed in Malaysia international website, customers can still use the version for payment.

While the rest of the world i-Pmart site in about 20 days after the start to accept bitcoin payments, once the integration is completed will be put into use as soon as possible.

A low-key launch service

Surprisingly, i-Pmart did not publicize this matter, even in Facebook did not notify the enterprise of 730000+ fans, companies only “we accept bitcoin” and the icon in the existing payment option list.

It is worth noting that i-Pmart is also a big seller of Wright currency machine, their sales by the user to assemble “boutique package” and “novice” machine. However, the company did not join the Wright currency of payment.


CEO Mart Tang said that he as a IT entrepreneur, always looking for some of the latest technical information and tools on the Internet, and then on the bitcoin fans.

Soon he will bitcoin and other digital currency together all absorbed in, he began to hear the other countries, businesses began to accept bitcoin news, he began to study how to become a digital currency miners.

“It makes me a better understanding of the bitcoin digital currency, and other types of what is going on, and benefit from, and I started to think what to do if my clients who want to buy my product with bitcoin online word? Especially for those who do not love to use credit cards, cash and other payment customers.” He said

So he and his network development team to discuss how bitcoin as payment into their business.

“I’m looking forward to the world to accept virtual currency payment, I believe that the future of virtual currency, people may accept them”

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