Malta a $3 million palace can only buy bitcoins

Although BTC prices fell, but Valletta a $3 million the owner refused to have anything other than to accept bitcoin. There is no doubt that Malta succeeded in establishing itself as one of the encrypted currency and most support for the national chain block.

According to reports, the country’s capital city Valletta a $3 million building owners accept $4269.46 bitcoin. According to the owners said that this building has 421 years of history, is a traditional palace, can be used for various purposes.

Allegedly, the building has a variety of commercial licensing activities, and after the reinforcement, in order to ensure its stability, while maintaining its authenticity and traditional attraction.

However, even more interesting is that bitcoin owners willing to accept bitcoin is the only thing. But a local real estate agent marketing manager said, this idea may be easier said than done, it is difficult to let buyers and sellers in the use of encryption currency are consistent.

In addition, he outlined the encryption currency volatility is, and real estate transactions need time to solve. In the meantime, changes of encryption currency price may cause other problems. But even so, the world seems to be more and more owners are interested in taking BTC as a means of payment.

Bitcoinist reported that MichelleMone and DougBarrowman launched the 2 million 400 thousand square feet of real estate development projects in Dubai, they will accept the BTC, starting at 30BTC.

Just recently, a 10720 foot high luxury riverside park next to the Manhattan market at a price of $15 million 900 thousand, the seller said he is willing to accept bitcoin.

But one of the largest real estate sale announced in cash and encrypted currency is a building area of 17000 square feet in sixteenth Century Rome mansion, priced at $42 million.

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