Many bitcoin exchanges stop accepting new user signups

nRunaway Comment: With the current skyrocketing Bitcoin prices, a large number of new users are pouring into the cryptocurrency market. While this massive increase in users is something that all businesses dream of, the Bitcoin Exchange has had to stop registering new users to upgrade support and backend systems to better handle these rapidly increasing traffic volumes. load. Bittrex, CEX.IO, Bitfinex and other major exchanges are suspended to accept new user registration, and explains the reason. The only way for new users today is probably to wait and try again.n
nTranslation: Clovern
A large number of new clients ask you to receive their funds, which may be the sweet worries all businesses dream of. But now, the Bitcoin exchange has had to try to ease the load to deal with the situation. As a result, the new trader has only a handful of exchanges left to choose from, as many exchange houses no longer register with new clients.n
Come back next yearn
Whether you are planning to explore the bitcoin world for the first time, or a veteran investor who wants to try to trade on many different exchanges, you may have noticed that it is not easy to open an account on many exchanges now It’s These companies face a large number of applications, but the support team can not provide services in a timely manner. Therefore, many exchanges have temporarily stopped accepting new users to apply for registration in order to be able to handle the existing business.n

Bittrex acknowledged previously reported user complaints and explained its decision to discontinue new registrations:n
n”We are excited to have so many new users joining the Bittrex community, but unfortunately we have to make some upgrades to our support and back-end systems to handle the increased traffic and load.”n
nCEX.IO also explains in a similar fashion the suspension of new user registrations:n
n”Every day a large number of users sign up on our exchanges, putting additional pressure on our support and validation teams, and we’re at a critical juncture now that the number of votes submitted to our support team has become extremely important.”n
nBitfinex also sent this message to all users who want to register:n
n”We decided to temporarily stop accepting new account registrations because we could not flood the system with newly filed small accounts and thus compromise the quality of service we provide to existing traders.”n
Decreased service qualityn
While other exchanges have not explicitly announced the cessation of new user registrations, many complain that virtually none of their applications for registration have yet been processed. If you keep enrolling in the queue while Bitcoin prices continue to rise, you may feel very painful to change it.n

At the same time, the rapid adoption of so many new users’ registrations poses no small challenge to providing normal services to the exchange. For example, Kraken admits:n
n”Operating conditions have dropped dramatically and become unreliable. Customers can experience severe congestion delays and difficulty interacting with all web pages and API services. Requests often experience timeouts and failures, and the only solution for now is to wait , Then try again. “n

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