Mark Cuban: next season Dallas Mavericks will accept bitcoin currency and Ethernet

Mark Cuban: next season Dallas Mavericks will accept bitcoin currency and Ethernet

Dallas Ranger team (DallasMavericks), is the original Dallas mavericks.

The team’s owner and investor MarkCuban in January 16th tweets that next season, the American basketball team DallasMavericks will accept encrypted currency payment.

Earlier on twitter Cuban asked whether they can accept encrypted currency payment tickets, his answer is, “next season”.

In the following review, Cuban confirmed the news, said the team will accept bitcoin and etheric coins, as well as possible other currencies”.

“We will be adding a crypto currency payment function next season. We will accept bitcoin, etheric coins, may also be some other currency. Also need to determine”.

Cuban is the industry’s supporters, such as encryption of electronic sports company assets investment fund 1confirmation and SharkTank risk in a portfolio of Unikrn, the amount of ICO financing recently at $31 million.

Although did not provide details, Cuban said, in addition to the most famous and etheric bitcoin currency, encryption currency payment system Mavericks team may also support other tokens.

“We will consider accepting a traditional business relationship with our company’s tokens, to expand our customer base”.

Cuban itself is a crypto currency field celebrity, in addition to the investment of encryption currency hedge fund, in ICO, in August 2017 initiated the establishment of the etheric Fang encryption currency based on MercuryProtocol.

But he has also been in the encryption currency and the blockchain wavered on the question of June 2017, said the world’s largest encryption currency is the “bubble” in August, but said the currency and encryption block chain is the future trend.

Moreover, Cuban also own “how to get rich” video, that will own 10% of the life savings investment bitcoin.

“If you are a true adventurer, you really want to then you can throw the helve after the hatchet, 10% of the assets in bitcoin and etheric fang”.

In fact, this is not the first to accept the encryption currency payment team, as early as 2014, the Sacramento kings tickets and promotional merchandise have been paid to accept bitcoin.

Although the money market is in a difficult period of encryption, Cuban, Thiel and Zuckerberg that billionaires recognized bitcoin can indicate potential future growth potential.

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