Market M u0026 A Blackmoon Launches Ethernet Square Coin Management Platform

nnnBlackmoon Financial Group, a market lender with $ 100 million in trading volume, will launch the platform for the management of “meta-currency investment vehicles.” The agency yesterday announced Blackmoon Crypto, which aims to provide legal and technical frameworks for asset managers to create and sustain the management of the tokens. At the same time, affected by the SEC report released last week, the platform business is currently not open to US investors, but the company said it will apply for US brokerage dealers as soon as possible.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nMarket lenders with $ 100 million in trading volume will launch the platform for the management of “meta-currency investment vehicles.”n
nBlackmoon Financial Group yesterday announced Blackmoon Crypto, which aims to enable proven asset managers to create and manage tokens in a legal manner. Blackmoon’s business in nine countries has so far attracted $ 2.5 million in investment, including companies such as Target Global and Flint Capital.n
nThe company, which runs the Blackmoon lending market, was established in the United States last year and has offices in New York and Cyprus, respectively. Blackmoon Crypto is incorporated in Singapore.n
nAlthough the tokens may be the opposite direction for firms focused on market lending, Oleg Seydak, chief executive of Blackmoon Financial Group, described it as “complementary”.n
nIn an interview, Seydak said the tokens only need to set up industry standards for private or institutional investors.n
n”The goal of Blackmoon Crypto is to provide legal and technical frameworks for asset managers to create and sustain the management of the soliton investment fund,” he told CoinDesk. “At the same time, he added:n
n”Blackmoon will issue encrypted tokens, and [asset managers] can issue these tokens between investors of new investment vehicles, and we will provide them with a legal framework for effective incorporation as legal entities.”n
nWhat is the impact of the SEC?n
nHowever, in today’s environment, Blackmoon in Russia released the news coincides with a very interesting time point.n
nOne reason is that last week the US Securities and Exchange Commission issued a guide that the block chain can be regarded as securities, which led to the entire chaos of the coinage industry. However, as expected, the release of this guide creates a greater uncertainty about the future legitimacy of the coin issue – which troop issue meets and does not meet.n
nHowever, Blackmoon has made it clear that he will not do business with US investors. “Such a body in the United States needs permission to act as a securities broker,” explains Seydak.n
nHowever, Blackmoon will still apply for brokerage dealers permission, and is committed to the next nine to twelve months time to obtain this permission.n
n”We are able to sell securities to experienced and recognized investors in the United States,” Seydak said.n
nAnd on the current situation, he pointed out that if the US investment managers to investors outside the United States for sale, then you can participate in them.n
nLaunch timetablen
nIn general, this means that Blackmoon has been designed to receive a timetable of three funds on the platform by early 2018.n
nLooking ahead, the company will release its first Ethernet-based tokens called Blackmoon Crypto tokens (BMC) on the platform in September.n
n”The first two funds on the platform are based on the asset classes that we operate in the original Blackmoon,” explains Seydak.n
nAs this step moves to open the business, Blackmoon Crypto’s goal is to bring its first external manager to the platform in the first quarter of 2018.n

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