Market report: all encryption currency is rising, bitcoin prices close to $3300

The market in December 16th: the top 20 are in the Green State Encryption currency rise, this is not the only one, bitcoin (BTC) hovering above $3200.

Visualization of Coin360 Market

As of press time, bitcoin in the past 24 hours or less than 2%. On the weekly chart, the current price is slightly higher than the lowest recorded December 15th.

Bitcoin price chart for 7 days

According to the market value of the second-largest encryption currency reboxetine currency, in the last 24 hours or more than 2%. Opened at $0.283, the transaction price of about $0.29, the highest point in nearly $0.294.

On the weekly chart, the current price is slightly higher than the lowest value in the past seven days, the equivalent of $0.282. In addition, the current value is far less than the $0.311 price XRP this week.

7 days of reboxetine currency price chart

Fang Ethernet (ETH) is still the third largest currency encrypted by market capitalisation, in the past 24 hours or slightly lower than 4%. As of press time, the ETH transaction price is slightly less than $87, and the opening price of about $83. On the weekly chart, the current price is higher than the low of $83, but still significantly lower than $95, which is the etheric workshop at the start of the week price.

The etheric Fang 7 day price chart

In the first 20 kinds of encryption currency, there are still significant. Bitcoin SV (BSV) or close to 16%, and Litecoin (LTC) or close to 11%. Dash (DASH) prices rose nearly 5%, while the EOS (EOS) rose at about 6%.

As Cointelegraph reported in December 15th, the commercial encryption platform BitPay CEO Stephen Dean said he expected a large chain of payment using the block will spread over the next 3 to 5 years. He further pointed out that in terms of encryption, “using the block chain payment will directly push up the encryption currency price.”

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