Market report: market chaos, bitcoin fell to less than 3400 dollars, ETH to two figures

Friday December 7th – encryption market yesterday fell sharply again, almost all major coins markets are at least two digit decline. According to Coin360, some coins fell even more than 20%.

Visualization of Coin360 Market

Bitcoin (BTC) in the 24 hour chart plunged more than 11%, as the release time is currently trading at $3400. Although it was trying to recover above the $4000 price point in 12 at the beginning of the month (short-term trading close to $4300) place, but bitcoin recovery failed to maintain, before today’s eye fell down, the loss has been gradually. This week, bitcoin now dropped by about 20.5% per month; serious losses reached 47.3%.

Bitcoin price chart for 7 days

According to the Cointelegraph reboxetine currency price index, according to the market value of the second encryption currency reboxetine currency (XRP) when the world fell by about 12%, at the time when the transaction price is close to $0.30. Ripple weekly and monthly charts are also red, fell by about 23.5% and 40% respectively.

7 days of reboxetine currency price chart

According to the market value ranked third Ethernet (ETH) performance is even worse, as of press time 24 hours driving 16% loss. The price dropped to two digits, the transaction price of $84. This week, the etheric Fang fell 31.4%; monthly loss of nearly 60%.

Ethernet 7 days jiagezoushitu Fang

CoinMarketCap the rest of the crypto currency almost all showed dark red; Stellar (XLM) and Bit.Cash (BCH) has fallen by nearly 18%, respectively, $0.11 and $102.3; ranked eighth encryption Litecoin (LTC) fell by nearly 15%, the transaction price of $25.3 a day, EOS fell by nearly 23%, reaching 1.68 dollars.

The new branch “bitcoin SV” (BSV) is the only exception before ten, soared 20%, the transaction price of approximately $109, ranking the fifth password. As of press time, the market value of approximately $1 billion 940 million, BSV maintained a slight advantage before BCH; the latter ranked 7, the current market value of about $1 billion 770 million.

Just yesterday, the Technology Development Company filed a new lawsuit against UnitedCorp Bitmain, Bit..Com, Roger Ver and KrakenBit.Exchange news, accused the defendant of manipulation in BCH-BSV in the hard fork after the incident and unfair behavior.

IOTA (MIOTA) fell more than 16%, the transaction price of $0.22: Binance Coin (BNB) fell 20% to $4.56, with privacy focused Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC) fell 14.5% and 20% respectively. A similar loss and Dash (DASH) and Neo (NEO): the former fell 21.7% to $61.33, which fell 17.4% to $5.85. No. 20 dog coins (DOGE) for 24 hours is the “strongest” performance, 2.6% fell to $0.0021.

As of press time, the total market value of all encrypted currency is about $107 billion 100 million since its weekly chart began to decline about 20%, nearly $136 billion.

The total market value of encryption currency 7 day chart

With the continuous dismal market, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) once again postponed the high-profile bitcoin of the investment company VanEck and company SolidX block chain (BTC) exchange traded fund (ETF) decision.

Now 2 2019 has identified a month at the end of the year the new deadline; the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Haist Pierce told investors this week, because she refused to accept the securities and Exchange Commission Winklevoss twins proposed bitcoin ETF decided to hold different views and won the “encrypted mother” nickname. Wait for BTC ETF approval.

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