Market report: the mainstream encrypted currency fell in varying degrees and bitcoin was less than $3800

On Thursday, December 6th: in the last 24 hours, only one of the top 20 encrypted currencies did not fall, and BTC lost its recent rise to less than $3800.

Market visualization of

The opening price of the bitcoin was close to $4000 and continued to fall until the current price reached $3769, down 4.37% on the day. On its weekly chart, bitcoin is at the lowest point in the past seven days.

Bitcoin 7 – day price chart

Tom Lee, co – founder of consulting firm Fundstrat, explained three reasons for the collapse of the market: the controversial BCH forks, and the recent action taken by the SEC to force the initial coin issue (ICO) to return. The funds for investors and the global market are in a “frightening” environment.

The currency is currently trading at about $0.339, down 3.6% in the past 24 hours. The current price of the original encrypted currency is the lowest price in this week, almost $0.40 less than seven days ago.

7 days’ chart of the Rui wave coin

In the past 24 hours, ETH is still an encrypted currency with a market value of third. At the time of the publication, the transaction price of ETH was $103.58, which was the lowest price point that the asset had reported in the past seven days.

7 days price chart of the ether square

In the first 20 encrypted currencies, the more than two digits are bitcoin cash (-12.29%), Zcash (-10.11%) and Maker (-11.12%). The only rise in the first 20 encrypted currencies was Binance Coin, which was up 3.66% in the day.

At the time of the publication, the total market value of the encrypted currency market was about $121 billion 200 million, the lowest in the last seven days, and less than $146 billion 500 million in November 29th.

7 days chart of total market value

As Bloomberg reported today, “bitcoin turns negative again,” according to their experts, “the price of bitcoin and other encrypted currencies may continue to decline.” In a report on Wednesday, Bloomberg analyst Mike G Ron predicted that bitcoin would fall to around $1500.

Quoine Mike Kayamori, chief executive of the Japanese cipher currency exchange, is more optimistic. In an interview yesterday, he said that BTC would see a new historic high by the end of 2019, while recognizing that “no catalyst” promoted the price recovery in the near future.

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