Massachusetts Institute of Technology was the first bitcoin ATM machine

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was the first bitcoin ATM machine

Not long ago, a new bitcoin ATM machine located in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the machine is made by Liberty Teller company, is currently placed in the Kendall square COOP store, it had the honor to become the first bitcoin ATM machine in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has proposed the first “bitcoin economy” concept, the establishment of ATM for the development of a step further. In addition, there are some other positive factors, such as college preparatory in autumn this year issued $100 bitcoins to the graduates, and in May, successfully held the bitcoin expo.

God Ma Polytechnic COOP store is a cooperative branch (Swiss Coop group is a Swiss retail giant, the composition of the 15 regions by the cooperatives “), founded in 1882. The opening time of the bitcoin ATM new for Monday to Saturday, placed at the store entrance.

Liberty Teller co-founder Chiris Yim said in an interview, the ATM is placed in the COOP store is very appropriate, because it can be better for the community.

He said: “ATM and bitcoin to provide customers with business values are consistent, with simple, transparent, low fee transaction.”

At the same time, COOP group is also preparing to accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

Bitcoin at MIT bud

Yim explained that Liberty Teller set ATM on the campus machine can make bitcoin more extensive publicity. In addition to distribute bitcoin, MIT bitcoin project group also intends to sponsor a summer application contest.

He said: “before the fall of bitcoin project set ATM is good, so before people can contact to distribute bitcoin bitcoin.”

Yim added, set the ATM machine COOP’s decision is due to a number of MIT bitcoin community interest. Liberty Teller is with the MIT bitcoin project team to develop a series of cooperation projects, in the COOP ATM machine is only a part of the plans set.


ATM in COOP may be Liberty Teller the first ATM machine into the campus, but this is not the first company to enter the Boston community.

In May, Liberty Teller has established a ATM restaurant in Cambridge Moska. This small restaurant just pan in the school gate, occupy the first line for the bitcoin community service.

Moska is just one of the local businesses to accept bitcoin payments, setting up the ATM COOP for example. Liberty Teller co-founder Kyle Powers said: “there are now local businesses directly accept bitcoin payment from dumplings, cocktails to pay taxes, pay equal to anything. We started a little late, but a strong momentum of development.”

Liberty Teller also set up ATM machines in other parts of Boston, including the temporary ATM set up in Harvard University station and South Station machine.

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