MATRIX held an investor meeting will be “Artificial Intelligence” block chain opened


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On the morning of August 13, we focused on the innovation of the data chain at the bottom of the chain chain, and creatively introduced the MATRIX project investor meeting of artificial intelligence, held at the Beijing Beiya Burson-Marsteller Hotel. The meeting will attract more than 20 professional investment institutions including SaiBele Green Branch Investment, Houde Qianhai Fund Partners, Shanxi Big Data Industry Fund, Jiuzhou Capital Partners, Beijing North Finance, Goetting Senior Partners, etc. warm.n

nWhat is MATRIX? At the beginning of the meeting, the MATRIX project team opened the mystery for investors: MATRIX defines itself as a new generation of block-chain technology that introduces artificial intelligence technology into the block-chain industry, Tightly together, and hope to create a cross-era products. MATRIX is not an organization, but a sub-system that enables intelligent collaboration and open source in the block chain. It creates a platform and provides a corresponding programming language that enables developers to take advantage of artificial intelligence and blocks Chain technology to build and publish next-generation distributed applications, but also for everyone to provide easy to use intelligent collaborative features of the open tool.n
nMATRIX believes that as the originator of the block chain technology, Bitcoin is called the first generation of block chain technology or block chain 1.0, but its commercial scalability and efficiency is very poor. Therefore, the rapid rise of the ethercomb Square, which is the core of the intelligent contract, provides a more suitable interface and system for the large-scale commercialization of the block chain, and improves the efficiency. It is called the second-generation block chain technology, The MATRIX project leader said the introduction of artificial intelligence MATRIX chain will open the era of block chain 3.0, “What is 3.0? We have a definition, it should have to keep pace with the ‘smart contract’ civilians, qualitative problem quantitative And the maturity of the four characteristics of the benefits.Obviously, MATRIX already have these previous technology can not match the significant advantage.n
nMATRIX concept of the proposed, the harvest of the audience’s attention. Next, the MATRIX project team explained the project’s breakthrough in the technical field for field investors.n

nMATRIX chain chief artificial intelligence scientist Deng Yangdong site elaborated MATRIX project.n
nNatural evolution utilizes artificial intelligence to achieve self – optimizationn
nTraditional technology products, Internet products, and hardware products, it is more or less in the development of the time by history and social limitations, in order to keep pace with the times, can only rely on the designer to adjust and design. “MATRIX creatively combines Bayesian technology and depth learning techniques in artificial intelligence to improve and optimize block-chain parameters by AI to achieve natural evolution.” MATRIX Chain Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist, China’s Famous Artificial Intelligence Scholar, Tsinghua Associate Professor Deng Yangdong, an example of the University, cited the case from the earliest victory over the European chess champion to victory over Li Shishi, and then continue to evolve the final defeat Kejie, artificial intelligence has been fully demonstrated to the world of its powerful. “MATRIX also, through the introduction of artificial intelligence, MATRIX chain can be based on the current needs of history to develop their own, to achieve self-evolution, continue to grow, has been at the forefront of the times.This is the core of the MATRIX project one of the two functions.n
nCivilized the establishment of the Constitution to avoid the transaction riskn
nTo the central, open, not tampering is the core of the block chain technology, which is the advantages of block chain technology, but also brought the current smart contract transactions can not correct the mistakes of the drawbacks. “The traditional block chain is actually a ‘jungle society’, fishing transactions and financial fraud is not uncommon.” Domestic top chip design experts and communications industry experts, MATRIX chain chief architect scientist Li Qinghua, for example, in the existing block chain , If the money sent to an address, whether you are careless or because of being cheated, the operation can not be revoked, which will give the transaction side to bring no small operational risk. The smart contract of MATRIX chain is based on the principle of non-discrimination, the introduction of artificial intelligence model, you can automatically determine the rationality of the transaction model, automatic sniffing transaction loopholes to assist the transaction side to assess and avoid trading risks, and provide an AI intelligence Judgments, in order to achieve in the decentralized ecology to protect the security and arbitration of the transaction, “In fact, that we have formed through the artificial intelligence of a ‘contract constitution’, thus realizing the ecology of the industry ecology process.n
nCivilians let the block chain really serve everyonen
nThe project team believes that the application prospects of block chain technology have been widely agreed on a global scale, but if you do not understand the computer language, not programming, there is no way to freely use the “smart contract” The function of professional and complex technical threshold will be a lot of ordinary users in the industry outside, greatly limiting the chain of transactions and application of space, range. “MATRIX chain in the introduction of artificial intelligence, ordinary users only need to enter the purpose of the transaction and text description of the transaction conditions, MATRIX will automatically generate the corresponding smart contract for the user, reducing the use of the threshold, greatly enhance the depth of the block chain technology applications and Breadth. “Deng Yang Dong introduced in the MATRIX system, the network can work with people, in addition to the previously described to help us find the problem, solve the problem, but also can help users write contracts, the implementation of conditions, the formation of the network and human work together “We are defined as ‘Smart Collaboration’, which is also the second core function of the MATRIX project.” Deng Yangdong said that the emergence of MATRIX chain, so that block chain technology can be simplified, from children to the elderly Everyone will be able to use it easily.n
nIt is reported that the introduction of MATRIX project technology, making the presence of investors on the project showed a strong interest. Project team revealed that MATRIX has reached an initial investment intention with a number of investment institutions such as Sairobo.n
nAt the end of the meeting, investors put forward a lot of concerns about them, MATRIX project team to carry out a detailed answer. As well as investors on stage, with the project team and other investors in-depth exchanges.n

nGuests on behalf of the high-profile investment partner Wang Yunzhi live speech, about his investment in the block chain industry experience.n
nMATRIX project team introductionn
nUnlike traditional chain-chain project development teams, MATRIX has a team of scientists as the main body, MATRIX believes that scientists are the team’s brain and soul, directly determine the upper limit of MATRIX.n
nnDeng Yangdong – Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist:n
nAssociate Professor of Tsinghua University, a well-known artificial intelligence scholar scientist, in 1995 and 1998 in Tsinghua University Department of electrical engineering bachelor’s and master’s degree in 2006 in the computer and robotics world-renowned Carnegie Mellon University (Carnegie Mellon University) Doctorate. In 2004, he was a senior engineer at Incentia Design Automation in the United States. He joined the Magma Design Automation in the United States in January 2006 as an adviser at the consulting firm. In March 2008, he returned to China as Associate Professor of Microelectronics Research Institute of Tsinghua University. He is currently Associate Professor of Tsinghua University School of Software. His main research interests are artificial intelligence, electronic design automation, parallel algorithm and graphics processor architecture. He has designed and developed artificial intelligence early warning safety solutions for China’s high-speed rail. Author: “structured integrated circuit design and high-level integration” and many other well-known university teaching materials, in a variety of first-class journals published more than 20 papers, led the team in the Pascal Artificial Intelligence International won the first prize. Will lead the team responsible for MATRIX project in the overall artificial intelligence part of the algorithm design, artificial intelligence hardware part of the design and development and the next generation of artificial intelligence chip design.n
nnnLi Qinghua – Chief Network Architecture Scientist:n
nThe domestic top chip design experts, as the main designer, designed the first domestic WiFi chip; at the same time as a member of the total work team and baseband project division, designed China’s first large surface ship communications scheduling command system. Personal design of a variety of mass production of commercial chips, and repeatedly won the provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards. As the inventor of a number of chip patents, author of “communication IC design,” a book, Jingdong similar books sales ranking first, as the North Post and other first-class college graduate student design course materials. Will lead the team responsible for MATRIX project block chain structure and artificial intelligence combined with the design, communication architecture design and software and hardware architecture design.n
nnnShi Xin – chief mine and chip scientists:n
nDoctor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, former AMD computing platform and program head, responsible for GPU graphics in the next generation of computing platform application development and ecosystem construction. Dr. PhD has held key technical positions in several leading international semiconductor and IP companies. Will lead the team responsible for the design and development of the mine in the MATRIX project, as well as the next generation of artificial intelligence chip research and development.n
nnnTian Guobin – Chief R u0026 D Engineer:n
nGraduated from Peking University, worked at MicroSoft, served as Senior R

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