Max: cross-border payment and Digital Banking bitcoin trading platform based on

Max: cross-border payment and Digital Banking bitcoin trading platform based on

To establish a perfect bitcoin ecosystem, has been many bitcoin startups by advocating and pursuing. But how do, this is the ecological chain of the industry chain? The ecological chain is in Chinese or in the world? The core of exchanges should be where? What is the fee free exchange profit model?

   In October 2014 16-17, the person in charge of Max Wang speech in Brussels bitcoin business conference BtcTrade European market, introduced the development status and bitcoin trading in China digital currency to European counterparts ( development plan: to establish a perfect trade ecosystem, not only rely on the profit model of the trading platform transaction fees.


1, Mining: Hardware manufacturers of vehicle sales to miners, miners by power consumption and machine production of bitcoin, while large miners and mining scale, the way will be managed by force to sell small miners;

2, Wallet: all the coins are stored in the electronic wallet, electronic wallet carrying bitcoin security and transaction system, covering a variety of platforms, such as mobile phone PC wallet, purse, wallet and other online;

3, Bitcoin transactions: the circulation of the market, the core of bitcoin trading function is paid, so that owners can make the appropriate consumption by bitcoin. At the same time like gold is a kind of market volatility, speculators profit from price fluctuations, the transaction process will produce the corresponding financial products, such as finance, leverage, futures, P2P lending, the congregation raised and so on;

4, Information: through the media publicity bitcoin, including media, navigation etc..

   Each link in the chain of ecology can be derived from an industry, thus forming a large-scale industrial chain, the chain of global coverage. Then as a carrier of bitcoin exchange transactions is the core in the middle of the core is to improve the whole natural ecological chain.

   Bitcoin trading network ( the European market leader Max Wang in the meeting mainly around the trading volume, cross-border payments, digital asset management and the executive team of the ecological chain.

About trading volume:

China trading volume of more than half of the global market. Now the development of Chinese is: people in the continuing large-scale transactions at the same time has gradually started to realize the tool of bitcoin, began to try to use it for life. This user is a basis for us to carry out the business expansion. Max also added a little, some people say that Chinese manipulation of trading volume, which we have heard. But we have never had BtcTrade. Our company reputation is very important, as a part of the integrity of the corporate culture, is also the foundation of our business model.

The direction of development:

Cross-border transactions:

   The traditional cross-border payment and the disadvantages are obvious, high fees, to the laws and regulations account cycle is slow, different countries and regions also have different. There are many bitcoin, simplifies the process! But why is now the most suitable for the development of this service? First, the government does not prohibit Chinese. Second, Chinese consumers for products from overseas demand is very large, light year purchasing, retail business, sea Amoy turnover reached 60 billion yuan or more; at the same time, Alibaba and other electricity supplier website has been out of the international version, this time a good bitcoin payment platform is very important.

Digital asset management investment:

   BtcTrade and the gold team launched a new financial products P2P gold small loan, the annual rate of return is four or five times higher than the traditional European returns. The user through the use of digital assets pledged to obtain the corresponding loan and interest payments, used in this process is the P2P standard, from between the user and the user of the corresponding loan.

   From the direction of the development of the above can be seen as the exchange is in fact more value-added products to obtain the corresponding profit. The first free trade to get more users, and which have a higher level of users need to provide value-added services, so as to make the platform work, somewhat similar to the 360 routes. Finally, Max also specially stressed that this pattern is still in development, is not mature enough, but BtcTrade is working in.

The development of a digital currency business, Max and other guests meeting launched a multi-faceted exchanges, including many well-known electronic payment company representative to the BtcTrade expression on cross-border payment cooperation.

   Finally, as an important part of the exchange, trust is intermediate. Max will also introduce team. Such as CEO Zhang Shousong, graduated from Northeastern University, has worked at Microsoft Asia Research Institute, Alibaba group algorithm, published a lot of technology patents, has started the business in 2009. Zhang Shousong insisted that can change the world through technology concept, and strive to the most elite team, all the problems from two aspects of technology and management. COO Wang Qingyun, 2005 as a personal webmaster, working in large domestic and foreign listed companies, started the business in 2010 so far, has a wealth of experience and market operation. Because the company emphasizes the atmosphere, we are willing to struggle together, the company since the start from the no loss of personnel, this is our greatest wealth.

General profile:

   In October 2014 16-17, the first bitcoin business conference will be held in Brussels (Belgium) held. The conference lasted 2 days, the host is global Encryption Technology Co. Ltd., before this has held many meetings, such as the central bitcoin Expo (Central European Bitcoin Expo). The meeting focused on business, specifically for bitcoin entrepreneurs and companies.

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