Meiguzhongcuo, bitcoin collapse, oil prices fell, who is behind the scenes manipulator?

Avalanche before stocks

Rose almost ten years after the U.S. stock market, more and more obvious signs of avalanche.

Today, the United States stock market once again: the Dow Jones index fell near the flash crash point 400, or 1.56%; P 500 index fell 1.66%, the NASDAQ index fell is 3.03%.

Although not with A shares at 4%, 5% drop in, but as an extremely mature market, U.S. stocks that day’s decline has been great enough.

As stocks fell to the “outstanding contribution”, is the five technology giants: Google, Facebook Facebook parent company Alphabet, Amazon Amazon, Netflix, apple Apple Netflix.

Specifically, Netflix fell 5.45%, Facebook fell 5.72%, Alphabet fell 3.91%, Amazon fell 5.09%, apple fell 3.96%.

The big five and the most expensive compared to decline more than 20% full , the total market value of $1 trillion is evaporation!

10 thousand dollars what concept? The United States in neighbouring Mexico in 2017 a year of GDP, a little more than this figure also.

Writer Tolstoy in “Anna Karenina” at the opening said: “happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy”. Five Giants Fall, for different reasons.

Apple: the new iPhone mobile phone sales growth to zero, more dependent on the prices to maintain profits;

Amazon: down 4 quarter revenue forecast, retail business growth is worrying;

Google has sold: Boston power company, close the biped robot Schaft robot program, once aspiring, now lost obviously;

Facebook: the alleged manipulation of the U.S. presidential election in 2016, not only exposed the data security and user privacy issues, but also exposed the “black PR problem”;

Netflix: revenue, net profit growth is less than expected, the increase in the number of subscribers appeared tired.

Big companies have broken after U.S. stocks on Tuesday, the day before the crash on the basis of “work” – the Dow fell 2.21%, the S & P 500 fell 1.82%, the NASDAQ fell 1.70%.

People say “the United States master the core technology, as the most powerful nation in the world, the technology giant Everfount profit is an important reason to support its share price over the past few years, a rise in perpetual motion.

But now, the situation appears major change. Giants or frequent scandals, or product innovation stagnation, endogenous growth momentum has been far can not afford the high price, fell sooner or later.

This point, hedge funds have seen as clear as noonday.

The global hedge fund boss, bridge water investment company report released third quarter positions showed a substantial reduction of the company, Apple shares more than 65%, the large holdings of Facebook shares nearly 50%.

The Soros foundation reports three quarter positions show that the company has a Intel and Facebook, Netflix to lighten up.

As institutional investors dominate the market, “Dinghaishenzhen” and “mainstay” to describe the role of hedge funds on the U.S. stock market, is not at all as before.

However, with the A shares of these funds as the main force of cunning, run way, faster than anyone else.

Until after the crash, people only see light suddenly, the original big brothers who have long sleeves, do not take a cloud.

The rush of bitcoin

If the decline in technology stocks is a digital currency or injured in the sinews or bones, then is smashed to pieces.

Within 24 hours, bitcoin fell 17%; since the beginning of the year, bitcoin fell 66%; compared with the highest point in 2017 of $more than 19000, bitcoin fell nearly 80%.

(fall in bitcoin)

“When Kanpan bitcoin is 4800, for when the circle of friends issued 4600 times, click send 4500. When the picture circle of friends spread fast to 4400. Did not dare to speak, afraid to say after a 4300.”

“Seven years of two vast currency speculation, loss first car, after thousands of dollars for housing, limit, nowhere bleak!”

“I have a coin circle of friends, and I talk to buy last year near real estate which, today when we encounter the dinner, he said to me: Hello, this is your takeaway.”

The collapse of bitcoin, achievement and a masterpiece of the hand piece.

Some investors said bitcoin five days fell to $1000, if at the beginning of the year to buy 20 dollars, now the loss will be more than one million.

All the way down bitcoin, in addition to the plate outside the main machine retail suffer, too miserable. Because of its cost price has fallen below the mine owners had to wipe away tears are on sale.

It is said that a year ago the price up to twenty thousand yuan a mill, now only sell 1000 yuan.

But this situation is quite good, some mills was abandoned after directly according to the price of scrap metal sold on the pounds.

Bitcoin crash, the reason has 2:

Is a branch of the war. The block chain has many nodes and community, their internal differences will appear bifurcation. Nabite coins before, because many people believe that bitcoin transaction fee is too high, the community appeared behind the differences, forking out bitcoin cash. Bitcoin cash is run in the bitcoin network, a coin into the bifurcation.

In the same chain forking out two kinds of digital currency, the diversion of funds, so the price of natural decline.

Two is the International Monetary Fund President Lagarde called for a global central bank issued their own digital currency , if the official digital currency on the stage, then bitcoin this unofficial currency is likely to be a “cottage currency” label, directly into the eighteen layers of hell.

After all, money has dropped to zero copycat examples already meet the eye everywhere.

Two reasons above, is analyzed from the perspective of “tactics”. In a more macro perspective, and other digital currency bitcoin price is high popularity, high heat need to maintain, once the disk access man reduced, heat faded, it exposed, far below the expected.

Shares of listed companies behind the bitcoin entity as a support, but what is not.

The plunge in commodity

If the stock is too far, bitcoin void, then the commodity is closely linked with our life.

As a commodity king of crude oil, has recently undergone a super slump.

From the 10 at the beginning of the month the highest price of $76.9 to 11 months 20 days the price of $52.77, international oil prices fell nearly 30%.

During the one-day drop of 4.71%, 6.66%, 7.76% super big line, and a record 12 losing streak.

Decline in international oil prices, also let Chinese refined oil prices ushered in the biggest one-day drop since December 2014 92 down 0.41 yuan per liter of gasoline, 95 down 0.44 yuan per liter of gasoline.

Congratulations to private owners, to fill a box of oil can save 20 yuan.

The United States of Iran to change the policy of sanctions, OPEC overcapacity, U.S. oil supply prices, crude oil, together contributed to this wave of spectacular fall.

Although the United States and the Middle East have a profound impact on international oil prices, but the price plummeted really no Chinese factor?

There is a phenomenon worthy of attention.

2018 is Chinese auto industry turning point of the year, from the beginning of 7 month, car sales 4 consecutive months of negative growth. In October, the national car sales 2 million 380 thousand, down 11.7%.

Certainly, for 30 consecutive years of sales growth China, will end in 2018 New Year paintings.

China as the world’s largest importer of crude oil, the auto market will be pressed into the freezing point, the international price of a long-term fundamentals.

If the price reflects the automobile industry, the steel industry is behind the infrastructure.

Recently, more than half a month, the domestic steel market in commodity futures, there has been a wave of more than 10% down.

The automotive industry upstream and downstream industry chain, second only to real estate. How many car sales, is directly related to the “consumption” of the engine can run up.

The core part of the infrastructure is “investment” in the carriage.

Speaking of which, you read it?


Since the 2008 financial crisis, the world produced too much money, more than the sum of the past. Taking the Opium money for too long, so many people fall into the illusion that asset prices really promote economic fundamentals.

After Trump took office, tax cuts and other measures is the quantitative easing monetary policy, once again raised the important factor stocks rose. But now, the dividend tax is a step by step retreat, U.S. stocks rose over the last two years and even overdraft tax bonus too.

The core of economic growth, corporate profit growth, profit growth and core, rely on the progress of science and technology.

Over the past ten years, although the technology has been in progress, but large-scale application and promote global economic growth without explosive products.

As the steam engine, automobile, the computer before the three revolution of science and technology brings disruptive products has not appeared.

What when the explosive products, the global economy could really take off again.

Some people resign homecoming, someone went to the examination room the starry night. Already bigwigs from U.S. stocks retreated from the coin ring, bugger, heavy note short on oil, then known also trying to gain profit in risk.

Some people earn hand cramps, someone Lose At the end of the air. After all, this is the cognitive gap.

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