“Mentougou” a case settled, Mark Karpeles due to tampering with financial records was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months

“Mentougou” case eventually settled, in March 15th, Japanese prosecutors announced on Mt.Gox CEO Mark Karpeles decision.

According to Bloomberg news, Japan Tokyo court found that digital currency exchange Mt.GOX leader Mark Karpeles was convicted and sentenced to 2 years and 6 months, suspended for 4 years. It was found guilty of tampering with the financial records of the crime, but dismissed allegations of corruption.

The decision to wait almost 4 years. In 2011, the French Mark Karpeles bought Mt. Gox, which turns once occupied the global bitcoin trading volume 70% head exchange; scenery soon after February 28, 2014, Mt.Gox exchange filed for bankruptcy protection, stating that due to hackers, exchange a total loss of 850 thousand bitcoins, was worth about $475 million (in March found 200 thousand); in April of the same year, the Tokyo District Court began to apply for bankruptcy procedures. In August 2015, Mt.Gox CEO was arrested in Japan, since 2015, the court still failed to make a final decision.

Mt. Gox closed, has brought a series of butterfly effect to the market, triggered a digital currency prices plummeted more than two years, and weaken the confidence of the people on the exchange. Even after the digital asset boom in 2017, Mt. Gox’s legacy continues to influence investor sentiment. Bitcoin plummeted last year, partly due to the Mt. Gox of the remaining assets custodian sold about 60 thousand bitcoins, and the remaining funds will be allocated to the plan by the bitcoin exchange closed investors worrying, then some investors will turn off, depress prices further.

In addition to the Mt. Gox market to bring the shadow, the CEO Mark Karpeles in suspense crime has become the focus of attention.

In August 2015, Mark Karpel s was arrested by Japanese police for a number of charges, in 2016 was released on bail awaiting trial in 2017 Japanese prosecutors.

Japanese prosecutors said the document, 2013, on the Mentougou stock exchange, a network of Willy, every 5-10 minutes to set up a new account, and then used to buy 10-20 coins. This lasted for several months, but Mentougou is not trading, the Willy account has been active, and bought about 250 thousand coins. The Willy Mark Karpel s is the owner of the account.

However, since the start of the trial in July 2017, Karpeles has been claimed to be innocent. Karpeles in court to claim their own completely innocent, deny yourself with a large number of bitcoins stolen; at the same time also denied the Japanese prosecutors on the fraud allegations of corruption, he said, but to do so is to make up for Mentougou’s account is not empty, stealing.

Last week, he still wrote in a March 8th Reddit post, who look forward to his people in prison will be disappointed, “I will not go to prison”.

Karpeles complained about the unfair treatment of the Japanese judicial system, the system has a 99% conviction rate. In accepting the interview, Karpeles said, he was without a lawyer is on trial for a few months, and was forced to sign the confession. This is a process of “nightmare” – like, in this process, he in 11 months lost 77 pounds.

But the defense also stressed the importance of “prosecution content Never mind and Mt. Gox bankruptcy.”

According to the indictment, during Kalpres from September 2013 to December, from the management of customer funds account remittance nearly 340 million yen to his account, for personal investment and software development of personal use, but also to buy furniture. He is also accused of personal electronic records through false trading data in the system to cover the cash balance of accounts, suspected of illegal manipulation of accounts and transaction data, in violation of a number of company law in japan.

The official also found in violation of company law (special responsibility) is the primary cause of charges.

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