MeXBT aimed at the Asian market, the acquisition of Singapore bitcoin company Coin Republic

MeXBT aimed at the Asian market, the acquisition of Singapore bitcoin company Coin Republic

The Mexico stock exchange meXBT recently acquired Singapore bitcoin brokerage and consulting firm Coin Republic, hopes to use its business from the Latin American market to expand to foreign markets through the acquisition of action.

Coin Republic is the famous Singapore bitcoin trading and consulting company, it is the only one not to hold customer funds bitcoin service platform, but the funds directly to the specified receiver. Since the launch of Coin Republic, just two years in the user has achieved good The reputation of the user that the Coin Republic is a safe and reliable bitcoin trading platform, the user can minimize the loss of funds.

Therefore, meXBT spotted Coin Republic. MeXBT said on its website, the acquisition will help increase their customer base, hope that the future can see the trading volume growth and user growth 25%-30%.

Look for the future development of mexbt seems very confident, director of operations Joel (Joel Cano)? Kano explains, Asia bitcoin market is broad, with good prospects for development, will bring a good opportunity for our business development.

MeXBT founder and CEO Gabriel? Malone (Gabriel Maron) further explained:

Coin Republic reputation in Asia bitcoin market is very good, so I believe, with the help of their business and brand, we can quickly to participate in the Asian financial Internet booming market, and the establishment of our company here. This acquisition is to promote action between Asia and Mexico, The first step of payment.”


The growing bitcoin market in Singapore


The Singapore government in recent years has been promoting the development of Internet banking in Singapore, so Singapore has become the promotion and expansion of the Internet financial services (including bitcoin this innovative technology) is one of the most friendly country. Recently, many bitcoin startups rapid rise in Singapore, the world continues to surge

The bitcoin start-up companies, such as BitX, CoinHako, ZebPay, DXMarkets, Btctrade, Jubi and so on.

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