Micro-universal matrix yuan three strong joint block chain platform BCOS is now officially open source


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nn(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. jointly announced the heavy news, the three parties over the past year with great concentration on the development, and has been the development of the three-year-old, Practice to test the block of the underlying platform BCOS (take BlockChain OpenSource meaning named) completely open source, is committed to creating a deep multi-party cooperation of mutual trust, to further promote the formation of distributed business ecosystem.n
nIn the traditional central business model into the “big and not down” (too big to fail) the dilemma and lead to financial crisis, the pursuit of multi-party participation and cooperation in the new business model gradually highlights the value. This new model we call “distributed business”, which is characterized by multi-party participation, intelligent collaboration, professional division of labor, value sharing, etc., has been reflected in different areas of a certain development potential. Correspondingly, in order to achieve distributed business sharing and transparent rules, open source as the main feature of the distributed technology has also been able to play an advantage, block chain technology, distributed books technology has become a cutting-edge technology core representative.n
nIn this context, the public bank, universal block chain, matrix element in 2016 set up a joint block chain laboratory, is committed to the common development of the underlying chain of the chain, to promote the application of the block chain scene, The Innovation and Prosperity of Chain Chain Industry and Block Chain Ecology in China. After several years of exploration, as well as nearly a year of integration tempered, the three sides successfully completed the BCOS platform and open source, in order to attract more developers to join the development, embrace the block open source era.n
nIn addition, the three agencies are led by the Ministry of Industry and China Chain Chain Technology and Industry Development Forum, an important member of the BCOS open source platform in the development process, also received the Ministry of Industry and the letter of the Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization experts Guidance and support.n
nBCOS platform from China’s commercial feasibility and regulatory requirements, the depth of understanding and customization, more suitable for domestic enterprises to use; the other hand, the three agencies themselves have a large-scale commercial business needs, the production environment can achieve concurrency The number of users, traffic, throughput, response time, availability, security and other requirements higher, BCOS platform is also trying to meet these internal needs.n
nIn August 2016, Microsystems combined with Shanghai Huarui Bank, based on the earlier version of the BCOS platform, launched the first inter-bank federated block chain scenario in the domestic production environment – joint loan reserve management and The platform, through the block chain and distributed book technology, to optimize the loan management and reconciliation process in the joint loan business, to achieve the goal of shortening the reconciliation cycle, improving operational efficiency and reducing operating costs. Subsequently, Luoyang Bank, Changsha Bank have also access the platform, experienced nearly a year of operation, the platform recorded the number of real transactions has reached the level of millions of orders of magnitude.n
nIn the first half of 2017, Shanghai Wanzheng Block Chain Co., Ltd. also developed a supply chain financial service platform based on BCOS platform to optimize the financing process of accounts receivable. For the supplier, the business platform will effectively shorten the account period, reduce financing costs, and protect the purchase and sale of sensitive information is not leaked; for financial institutions, the financial platform will effectively eliminate fake trade, improve operational and wind control efficiency.n
nAt the same time, the matrix element is also a regional equity trading center, based on BCOS platform to create a service for small and medium enterprises in a new generation of equity registration and service platform, starting from the enterprise equity registration business, through the emerging technology means to reconstruct the corporate credit base, Guide the public service agencies and commercial institutions to participate in the formation of small and medium enterprises to facilitate the financing of a new type of ecological system.n
nThe new technology will eventually be validated and promoted in the application scenario, especially in the enterprise application scenario with massive users, in order to judge its maturity. Under the test of real production data, BCOS platform maintains zero fault operation, confirms its safe and controllable, business feasible and robust advantages, its function, performance, fault tolerance, reliability, security, confidentiality, traceability, Modularity, maintainability, portability, interoperability, data consistency and other characteristics have also been verified to achieve high standards.n
nBenefit from the three sides of the industry background and technology accumulation, and China’s national conditions and business model of a deep understanding, BCOS platform as the first safe and controllable, commercial open source block chain technology platform available. BCOS platform supports the requirements of multiple industries by integrating identity authentication, asymmetric encryption algorithms, introducing technology management functions, and supporting comprehensive regulatory auditing functions. It can meet the requirements of China’s financial business and fill the gaps in the chain area. Block chain technology in China’s various industries and the promotion of distributed business development has laid a solid foundation.n
nFor developers using the BCOS platform, it is possible to share the underlying infrastructure of the block chain, including technologies, software and code related to shared cloud services, without the need for each developer to invest repeatedly, and to use friendly, simple, cross-platform Application development API and graphical management platform and block chain browser, etc., to speed up the development process to improve the block chain product creation and management experience.n
nnAs a new generation of commercial data exchange infrastructure, the BCOS platform supports all the core technical features of regulatory and commercial applications to meet the needs of the user:n
nnnProvide comprehensive regulatory and auditing support modules to meet business compliance requirements;n
nnnProvide access control, CA authentication, account management system and security monitoring function to support the technical management of distributed business operations;n
nnnTo achieve the consensus mechanism of the plug-in, can support PBFT, RAFT and other types of consensus algorithm to facilitate matching different business scenarios;n
nnnThe use of distributed data storage architecture to support massive data capacity and flexibility to expand capacity, and provide high-intensity encryption storage and supporting key management mechanism to enhance data storage security;n
nnnSupport all the nodes of the whole network at the same time a flexible configuration changes, configuration data to maintain high consistency;n
nnnProvides cryptographic-based privacy protection to support secure data exchange in distributed commerce;n
nnnSupport a full range of security mechanisms, both physical security, transmission security, storage security, network security, key security.n
nnBCOS platform can be built in two ways: open source and cloud services, two ways to provide a detailed user manual, development documents and sample code.n
nThe nature of the regression block chain technology, its initial purpose is through a series of open and fair, transparent and credible rules, so that the system in the absence of intervention and management of the case of self-normal operation, so most of the mainstream block chain technology platform All in the form of open source community. The core of its value is in the spirit of openness, the source code as the core, to establish a standardized, long-term self-governance system to promote the developer in an orderly manner to improve the source code.n
nTherefore, the three parties to build the BCOS platform to follow the following six values ​​(DRIVES):n

nI believe that in the foreseeable future, the three institutions will uphold the open and open concept of open source, adhere to the direction of open source, to promote the rapid chain of block technology and governance mechanisms to improve, to create a mutual trust and mutual cooperation community, and further promote the distributed business The formation of the ecosystem.n
nVisit the Github community to learn more about the BCOS platform: https://github.com/bcosorg/bcosn
nWhite paper download: https: //raw.githubusercontent.com/bcosorg/bcos/master/doc/BCOS_Whitepaper.pdfn

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