Microsoft and Oracle at the same time into the block chain, the former leading trend is obvious

nnnIn the current situation, Microsoft is more comprehensive than Oracle, and more attractive to customers…. .. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | The author of this paper is Oracle’s former chief communications officer, he from the technical and strategic propaganda point of view, for this phenomenon carried out a specific analysis, pointed out that Oracle in the cloud market and today’s block chain plan are at a disadvantage, Poor ability to articulate is closely related.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nTechnology giant Oracle and Microsoft have also entered the popular block chain digital technology market. Although a company has been prepared for all (Microsoft), but another seems to just want to try to catch up with the trend only (Oracle).n
nIn the “cloud war” (Cloud Wars) top ten ranking, Microsoft first, Oracle sixth. This is due to the ability of Microsoft, under its leadership, Satya Nadella, to present its strong technology when customers face business problems and opportunities.n
nNadella is almost unmatched in this area, only SAP CEO Bill McDermott and CEO Marc Benioff can be compared with it. This is clearly an important factor driving Microsoft’s cloud business to flourish. Nadella said its cloud business value will reach $ 20 billion within 12 months (until June 30, 2018).n

nIn contrast, Oracle obviously has excellent technical strength, but often seems to be unable or unwilling to describe the needs of its business customers.n
nMark Hurd, chief executive officer of Oracle, made a puzzling evaluation of the most popular technology in artificial computing (AI) in mid-June. He not only said AI as a pattern match, but also AI’s grand The goal is to integrate it into the application.n
nIn an interview with CNBC, Hurd commented on the technology: “We believe that AI or pattern matching, whatever you say, the application of this technology will really be integrated into the application.”n
nAnd Microsoft will spare no effort to introduce their own new products or services provided, and that they apply to their business customers face which business challenges or growth opportunities. Its block chain conference is a good example.n
nOn August 10, Microsoft’s joint technology giant Intel announced plans to deploy a full set of open-source block chain plans in its Azure cloud computing series. Azure’s chief technology officer, Mark Russinovich, also published a blog post that outlines these plans:n
nn”Increasingly, companies are investing in the chain of chains as a safe and transparent way to track asset ownership across digital boundaries and to share business processes together for cross-organizational collaboration and creativity New business model to open up new opportunities.n
nnMicrosoft’s block chain partner Intel also said:n
nn”Microsoft’s Chain Chain Framework” will be combined with Intel

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