Microsoft revealed its ambitious block chain strategy

nnnRecently, Microsoft in its organization of a special panel discussion of its block chain technology on the great ambition. As a world-renowned software company, Microsoft has been involved in and supported a number of block-chain projects, including the ether square, R3, small ants, with a view to vigorously develop its block chain business, the company even through the Azure cloud to provide its Own block chain services, and has many well-known banks and financial services market companies and the exchange of great support, but Microsoft did not stop there. The company said it will continue to support other block chain projects to promote the adoption of this technology.n
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nJuly 12, Microsoft organized a special group discussion, illustrates its blockbank technology great ambition. Microsoft’s two major executives, blockline global strategist Yorke Rhodes and block chain engineering manager Craig Hajduk explores how Microsoft can become a leading provider of block-chain enterprise services.n
nOver the past two years, this prestigious software company has worked with well-known block-chain projects (such as the Ether Square, R3, Little Ant, etc.) to develop its block chain business. Microsoft even provides its own block chain service through the Azure cloud.n
nAzure’s Chain Chain Service (BaaS) is a Microsoft block-chain enterprise solution. The service is based on the Ethernet segment chain and uses the Solarse language to help customers test or deploy block-chain applications. Microsoft is planning to work with financial institutions and insurance companies to accelerate the adoption of Azure BaaS.n
nRecognize the potential of the block chainn
nMany experts believe that block-chain technology is a solution to the many problems that exist in many industries. According to Hajduk, most of the solutions are focused on the financial sector:n
nI would like to say that 50% of the current investment in the block chain is concentrated in the financial sector.n

nHadjuk further explained:n
nnThis is not surprising, because the technology from the encrypted currency, can be a good value transfer. On the other hand, the retail or manufacturing supply chain is also the focus of most of the investment areas. We have also seen a lot of investment in the health care industry. This technology is also very important in the public sector. Therefore, it can be said that this is a widely used technology, and has been widely concerned. It is not only related to the encrypted currency – but the source of the shared truth, about rethinking and improving the business, while the transformation. This is what really excites the excitement of distributed categorized books and block-chain technology, which is why we are now gathered here.n
nnBut Microsoft believes that the block chain technology is not only conducive to the transfer of wealth or to get rid of financial transactions in the middleman. For industries such as manufacturing, logistics and health care, safe and reliable trading and record keeping are essential, and these industries can also benefit greatly from this emerging technology.n
nRhodes explains:n
nnThis technology allows us to digitize assets in an unprecedented way. Once I have digitized a cow, I am able to trade futures. Now there are too many incredible things, and this interesting wave of technology is pushing us to a previously never thought to be able to achieve the height.n
nnThe BAAS, based on the Ether Square, has received tremendous support from a number of well-known banking and financial services market companies and exchanges, but Microsoft has not stopped there. They are also committed to supporting other block chains, including Chain Core, the Hyperledger Fabrics supported by the IBM-Linux Foundation, and the open source Quora of JP Morgan in the Azure application market.n

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