Microsoft set up a chain chain committee, acting as a “solo”

nnnIn the development of block chain technology has been at the forefront, many customers are seeking to its block chain solution. In order to better serve these customers and enable them to reach more block-chain service providers, Microsoft has set up a chain-chain committee that will help technology companies start with companies seeking new tools as a “solo” contact. This will be conducive to the entire field of active and development.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nMicrosoft set up the “Microsoft Azure Block Chain Committee”, is developing its “line people” new role.n
nAccording to CoinDesk’s new statement, the committee has been set up to better link the companies that seek distributed books to companies that can develop these tools.n
nMicrosoft’s approach is largely due to the fact that the company has received a number of requests for block-chain services, so the software giant now wants to bid on requests for specific industry partners. Microsoft is seeking to provide start-up companies with revenue opportunities in this way, while building block-chain solutions for existing customers.n
nWhile the committee seems a bit like a new league, the spokesman said it is actually more like a partner sales tool.n
nIn addition to competing to meet customer requirements, members of the committee will also develop conceptual validation that will be supported by the Microsoft Block Chain Engineering team.n
nAs more and more block-chain applications get trust in the field of transactions, the establishment of the committee will make Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service a way for enterprises to go beyond the conceptual phase through emerging chain-chain technology.n
nHowever, it is unclear who will be involved in the move.n
nSynechron is a financial services consulting firm that announced last year to launch an accelerator program. The company on September 10 revealed that he was the first member of the committee. Microsoft is very cautious in disclosing the list of members.n
nA spokesman said:n
nn”We will let other partners announce their membership when they are ready, and we look forward to more members.”n

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