Microsoft, Superbook, United Nations Joins Blockchain Identity Project

nRunaway commentary: the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the United Nations International Computer Center announced that it has joined the ID2020 blockchain digital identity project to block through the blockchain technology to allow people to master and control their own digital identity to address the legal Identity risks and problems. The project has been donated by Microsoft and Accenture, based on a proprietary version based on the Ethereum blockchain.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Technology giant Microsoft and the blockchain alliance Hyperlink joined the ID2020 Alliance in the blockchain digital identity program.n
The coalition was announced by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with the coalition sponsoring Mercy Corps and the International Computing Center of the United Nations also joining forces to improve people’s lives by providing digital identities.n
According to media reports, the focus of the alliance solution development is the direct ownership and control of personal data by users through blockchain technology. The world’s 1.1 billion people are unable to prove their identity and therefore have difficulty gaining benefits and services. The World Bank pointed out that this situation has also caused many serious problems, such as human trafficking.n
The project has received Microsoft donated one million US dollars, Accenture and Rockefeller Foundation also sponsored. Accenture is also a founding member of the coalition, which announced a donation of $ 1 million last summer at the ID2020 Alliance in New York.n
David Treat, Accenture’s global blockchain project managing director, said:n
n”User-controlled decentralized digital identities can unlock economic opportunities for refugees and other vulnerable groups while improving the safety and privacy of people accessing the Internet.”n
nThe press conference explained that the digital identity held by users themselves includes the legal identity issued by the government so that people and agencies can verify seamlessly.n
IDak2020 Alliance executive director Dakota Gruener said:n
n”We are building a cooperative ecology, committed to cross-border and inter-agency cooperation, large-scale solution to this challenge.”n
nIn June last year, Microsoft and Accenture announced the ID2020 blockchain prototype based on a proprietary version of the Ethereum blockchain.n

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