Millet layout block chain, launched the “encrypted digital pet rabbit”

Millet layout block chain, launched the “encrypted digital pet rabbit”

Baidu previously released financial blockchain laboratory blockchain “Leitz pet dog”, the NetEase has Introduction A similar product “cat”, now, millet seems to have the same form layout Block chain. There is news that millet called block chain products” Encryption of rabbit “Is currently in beta.

According to the exposure of the “user service agreement”, “encryption rabbit” is millet mobile software company based on block chain to provide “digital pet service”, the “rice” is the “encryption rabbit” in the game number Rice. “The name of the encryption rabbit” may come from the millet rice rabbit mascot “”.

Public information display, millet Mobile Software Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2012, the legal representative is the co-founder of millet Li Wanqiang, legal person shareholder is millet Communication Technology Co Ltd.

Baidu first started closed beta blockchain pet dog project “Reitz dog” in February this year, after Fang CryptoKitties play and Ethernet is similar to that of the current Baidu “Leitz dog” only on the line using price monetary transaction function calculus. The NetEase “Lucky cat” after short “online”, still unable to experience, the analysis points out, may be due to the support of digital currency payment, to touch the domestic policy red line, the current NetEase cat’s official website has not offline, may also be ready for beta.

Millet layout block chain, launched the “digital encryption rabbit” Pet Fixed point technology.

[source] Sohu

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