Mine plans to weaken the etheric Fang passed, who is in stir this muddy water?

Editor’s note: This article from the block BlockBeats (ID:BlockBeats), the author of the rhythm rhythm: block 0x2, authorized reprint by Odaily daily planet.

As everyone knows, the etheric Fang’s next goal is to PoS from the PoW consensus consensus, to provide a faster and larger capacity block chain network. This huge change will allow millions of scrap iron ore, countless people’s interests will also receive influence. So people put forward in the process of transformation, adding a buffer stage.

In the etheric records voting site EtherChain square transformation algorithm, called ProgPoW algorithm and its program “weaken won 100% votes in favor, including Sparkpool, Ethermine, Nanopool, F2pool and other mainstream mineral pools are involved in the voting, but Huobi, firepool, uupool, pandapool and other mineral pool to abstain from voting. (* March 20th Beijing time data, 5367 votes)

Last week the etheric Fang meeting developers biweekly again through the ProgPoW, this proposal. A major highlight of this new algorithm to optimize the performance of graphics: “civilian” and “mining” anti ASIC mining algorithm.

Although did not determine the specific deployment of activation time, but once again sparked intense discussion of the etheric Fang community, even within the circle of celebrity call: “Fang over ethernet! “

What is the reason, let these people feel a community through the update algorithm will make the world’s largest block chain network “finished”? It touched the interests of the who? Who has been hindered the advance of the plan?

 Mine plans to weaken the etheric Fang passed, who is in stir this muddy water?

If there is no vehicle, will not appear so much

In the machine before the advent of the etheric Fang on the network miners rely on their own home or room card (GPU) to count out a piece of mine. At that time there were no so-called super machine, is the hands of the people and the card purchase price is proportional to the relative fairness of ecological mining.

But in 2018 April, E3 ASIC, bit machine sale, power consumption of 800 watts to provide 180 MH/s operator. At the same time a large number of mining companies have begun to launch similar ASIC mills. From the data and income, ASIC mining mining performance comprehensive rolling graphics. According to 2miners, this is the emergence of super force mine mining graphics will be completely ignored, and brought three major problems:

1. miners return card crash

2. focus on a few mines in the pool

3. to the center under threat

To buy a large number of graphics to miner, because of the emergence of ASIC machine, the miners mining has been unable to buy back the. Plus currency prices plummeted, “mine” coin ring sound, a large number of graphics is cheap to sell. All kinds of second-hand platform appeared with many years of mining P106 graphics, many profiteers through the magic change drive way so that it can be like a normal card use, but the performance and stability are greatly reduced.

For the entire block chain, because the force is too concentrated, the entire network may be at risk of being controlled. Any one of the blockchain community would like to see their project by a few people, contrary to the wishes of the block to the center of the chain.

The threat is not only by its etheric Fang, BitcoinZ and Monroe have been considered its currency force high threat . Block chain project many PoW algorithms have turned to Equihash 144.5 algorithm, in order to resist mills. BitcoinZ in a hard bifurcation will ASIC mill out of our ecological, Monroe coin team announced that the coin and Monroe put up a pageantry irreconcilable opposed to machine, decided each year many hard to resist the invasion of its bifurcation.

In view of this, the ProgPoW algorithm is a good stuff. It is not completely out of the mine ecosystem, but through the algorithm will become their lower efficiency, make ASIC machine performance and GPU machine can count on equal in force . The miners brought the gospel to the graphics card, because they had to stop the invasion of machine graphics, and now can be used.

ProgPoW let some people happy, and let some people depressed.

What is the ProgPoW?

ProgPoW Programmatic Proof Of Work is full, it is the etheric Fang an extended Ethash algorithm, its main goal is to make GPU mining more competitive, and by allowing ASIC machine to weaken the risk of inefficient center. By modifying the ProgPoW mining algorithm regularly and give full play to the ability to achieve the goal of video mining.

Different from the graphics, mills from the moment of offline mining chip are doomed in this life can only complete a work that is to solve mathematical problems, any other issues he will not do, this is the ASIC (special purpose integrated circuit chip) the origin of the name. The card is different, it was found to work before mining is the “card”, used to play games or video rendering etc..

The ProgPoW algorithm is composed of a named IfDefElse team, the team has three members, their security has done very well, only that the two men and one woman.

Technical details about ProgPoW, BlockBeats does not repeat block rhythm in this paper, we just remember: to improve graphics mining efficiency, its performance is reduced by a factor of 2.6.

On Friday, the main developer of the etheric Fang biweekly meeting, ProgPoW proposal again adopted ProgPoW as Ethernet network protocol is a part of the consensus workshop will be activated in the future.

 Mine plans to weaken the etheric Fang passed, who is in stir this muddy water?

But is such a problem can solve the risk center proposal, but rejected in approval, and now approved. The whole community of this dispute is very large, because even Ethernet square community ProgPoW algorithm proposal dispute over.

Who interests?

In the last fortnight, developer Greg Colvin admitted before the core is indeed controversial whether the activation of the ProgPoW algorithm, and the reason is because the:

“We have to go back to discuss a few months ago. We think that is not a problem of the problem is not only in the algorithm if the back door is not in the algorithm, not the party and party dispute card machine. Do not solve, at any time after they will be rolled out for.”

It is of no great importance to bug, the key is to have the courage to reform.

In fact, in the last week before the meeting through the Ethernet square community ever agreed to activate the algorithm. In January this year, approved by the ProgPoW deployment of the proposal; the end of January, because the developers found a loophole, ProgPoW deployment was delayed.

 Mine plans to weaken the etheric Fang passed, who is in stir this muddy water?

To restore the status of the card machine

In the face of the transition from PoW to PoS measures and the entire community for the adoption of ProgPoW put forward a great deal of controversy, mainly focused on the following aspects:

1 and graphics card, is related to Nvidia and AMD?

2, why not step directly PoS consensus, must go the harmonic line?

3, the potential risk pool and community potential bifurcation bifurcation risk.

First, some people think that is part of the opinion leaders to guide public opinion, to buy more cards to mining miners . This speculation is not unreasonable, because bitcoin prices plummeted, the etheric Fang, accident, leading to the video card manufacturers can not sell ore mining card, graphics chip maker Nvidia and AMD stocks plunged, maybe you can use Ethernet square algorithm to update graphics to boost sales.

Second, some people think that since the decision to turn to the PoS consensus, so why not in one step , to give the opportunity to leave mine, directly to the center of the square to the etheric completely what is not good? This view is actually contrary to the common sense of economics, if directly across the board for its failure, it will lead to the whole network is collapsed, block chain security risks may arise.

Third, the risk is already in the etheric Fang community appeared many differences and bifurcation . The etheric Fang can stand to do today, rather than to the center has a close relationship, adhere to this also cannot do without the community center developers of justice and fairness of the deposit.

Among them, the biggest loss is to rely on energy consumption and purchase machine to pile pool stress. With the mine pool by ProgPoW algorithm is weakened, their income may decline, and in accordance with the etheric Fang roadmap PoS plan, the future of this batch of ASIC mill is likely to discard. But the transformation of PoS, but also the entire community to the etheric Fang future hope.

If the etheric long square to the right direction, then everyone will benefit in the short term, in addition to those who try to profit in chaos.

 Mine plans to weaken the etheric Fang passed, who is in stir this muddy water?

Who is in to the center of the community in the water mix?

The reason to the center of the organization to promote the one thing, the biggest reason is: even if someone tried to disrupt the normal order of the people, as long as there is good and the pursuit of justice and fairness, can put things in the right way forward.

Of course, there are people love this muddy beach water, dispersed community energy, slow down the entire community route. A similar thing recently in the bitcoin community happened once.

In February this year, bitcoin “Nakamoto Roundtable activities”, a developer proposed “21 million bitcoins, half of the output” stop limit the number of proposals. However, the news spread in some large domestic micro-blog V gradually turned into “bitcoin core developers proposed to amend the bitcoin cap”, the use of public information and on V’s trust in the market, making the market rumors, causing chaos.

Shanghai former chief engineer Mr. Bai said the total bitcoin can be modified, as long as the consensus. But the consensus is not reached through rumors and people of no great importance, unless otherwise to create rumors.

Soon, “” the bitcoin issuing misleading news every few days has been clarified. If the V BlockBeats block rhythm of heart beat is what idea, but it is certain that for all people’s eyes covered with gauze, certainly profitable.

“Fang” at least Pow over Ethernet, ecological people think so, what do you think.

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