Mining revenues are nearly half down from Q1, and 58% investors believe in bitcoin ETF “see you next year.”

Recently, Coindesk released a more than 200 page 2018 Q3 encryption industry report, the report pointed out that the third quarter of 2018 the market value of the money market encryption decreased to $215 billion from $243 billion, down 33%.

Among them, BTC accounted for $114 billion, ETH accounted for $24 billion.

In addition, the report also analyzes the money market price, encryption network, social concern and interest in the market, investors and other types of data, Bianews compiled the report, and are summarized as follows:

14% increase of BTC mining income, ETH by 55%

Statistics show that the third quarter of the entire market trading volume volatility in the encrypted state, which in the end of the month 8 9 reached the peak at the beginning of the month, close to 100 billion, about 80% BTC trading. But the largest number of EOS transactions.

In the calculation of power, BTC from 40 million TH/s to nearly 60 million TH/s growth volatility.

Bitcoin hash value growth slowed from the beginning of the year dropped to a quarter of 94% following 52%, 45%.

Bitcoin miners income compared to the second quarter, a slight increase, but compared to the first quarter, down nearly half.

But overall, the third quarter, bitcoin mineral company income despite ups and downs, but the overall increase of 14%, reaching $14 million.

Ethernet three quarter number of transactions fell 23% square.

In the etheric Fang mining enterprise income 55% contracted in the three quarter, to $490 thousand.

BTC trading volume decreased by 16%, EOS growth of 33%

According to Coindesk statistics, the daily trading volume reached the peak encryption market in September 23rd this year, more than $14 billion. The bitcoin trading volume still accounted for the largest, at about 60%, but at the end of the third quarter, accounted for the decline to close to 40%.

Data show that in 2018 years the three quarter bitcoin trading volume fell 16%, single day trading volume from about $4 billion 800 million to drop to about $4 billion.

Since the first quarter of this year, bitcoin trading volume is difficult to enter the growth, especially in the 2 months of this year, its biggest – 45%, 4, 5, 7 months of negative growth, but the third quarter of last month fell into negative growth, as of 2018 quarter quarter bitcoin trading volume dropped to 403 billion dollars.

The one-day trading volume in the etheric Fang occurred in the third quarter growth, increased 17% to $1 billion 800 million from $1 billion 500 million.

Ethernet square monthly trading volume fell 33% after the second quarter, a return to trend growth in the second quarter, 9 month closing up 12%.

And the quarterly trading performance from the Coindesk summary, Ethernet square negative growth of -34% and -21 respectively in the second, third quarter of 2018.

EOS daily trading volume to achieve the 33% growth in the three quarter, from $622 million to $828 million growth.

But the EOS quarter trading volume has declined, growth in the second quarter to $12 billion 300 million after the third quarter fell 49% to $6 billion 300 million, although the total amount of more than 2017 by the end of three, the fourth quarter, but lower than the first quarter of 2018 low of $3 billion.

Most Reddit users concerned about BTC

Twitter XRP and BCH most user attention

Coindesk also summarizes and lists the third quarter of the major social platforms for encryption market related topic of heat.

The third quarter, users of BTC reddit platform is still the most attention, posting about the highest total post encryption market the number of 38%, and after BTC is the wave field XRP.

Active subscribers, most attention to subscribe to BTC, followed by BCH, ETH third.

But public discussion with enthusiasm the arrival of the bear market decline, the largest decline is EOS.

Interestingly, on the platform of Twitter fans showed different.

Twitter focus on encryption market fans, pay more attention to XRP and BCH, accounted for 36%, followed by ETH on account 17%, BTC at least, accounted for only 3%.

In addition, the statistics of the users on the Facebook platform like behavior, XRP gained the most attention, the amount of points like 46%, BTC is 36%.

Technology, user interest focused on BTC and ETH

GitHub, BTC voice contributors and suggestions for the most, accounting for 36%, followed by BCH, accounting for 29%, the minimum is XRP, accounting for 4%.

From the actual contribution, code submitted situation, EOS the most, accounting for 35%, almost no XRP.

The Coindesk report contains the user to encrypt monetary items of “Star” “fork” action of statistics, it can be closer to reflect the user intention and participation.

BTC related code project won the 51% “Star”, the etheric Fang has 30% BCH, at least, only 1%.

At the same time, BTC related code project is “Forks” is the largest, 65%.

In addition, in the GitHub on the open problem of ETH is the most, followed by BTC, accounting for 34% and 33% respectively.

We can see that in terms of technology solutions, user interest is mainly focused on BTC and ETH.

The first token issue size decreased significantly

The 1CO activities in the third quarter is still active, a total of 189 items were 1CO, compared to the second quarter of 192 decreased. It is worth noting that the three quarter 1CO total financing amounted to $2 billion 230 million, less than the second quarter ($7 billion 286 million) 1/3.

1CO analysis of monthly data show that in September 1CO reached the lowest level since the beginning of this year, raised a total of $530 million.

The risk investment reached the highest level in recent years

The third quarter scale of investment risk than the two quarter increased $974 million, reaching the highest level since 2017.

From the monthly data, the block chain and company and encryption related gain of nearly 3 months of venture capital scale floating around $300 million.

58% of investors believe that bitcoin ETF will be approved in the next year

The report also lists a block of chain industry survey results, respondents including executives, investors, crypto currency company, block chain technology service provider.

The survey results show that 58% of investors believe that the third quarter at the end of the crypto currency is undervalued.

28% of respondents said they had never participated in or want to participate in the 1CO.

26% of investors in the blockchain application, the number of good to the center of the exchange accounted for the most, followed by the asset management and private transactions.

40% of respondents believe that the use of encryption currency in the business sector in 2018 will increase.

More than 70% investors never use encrypted currency payment; 32% of investors said they would put most of the encryption assets stored in the cold wallet, 23% on the exchange, 14% said it will be placed in the hot money bag.

58% investors believe bitcoin ETF will be approved in the next year.

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