Miss the property market, missed the bitcoin, what will the next tuyere be?

The tuyere of bitcoin has come out of a fierce and urgent, nearly six times in three months, and fell to 1/3 in 4 months. Some investors have gone out of the line and some investors are now in a dilemma. As the market value of the encrypted currency, which is represented by bitcoin, has fallen, the heat of the block chain industry has returned, and the sound that the tuyere of the block chain can last longer is gradually silent.

But whether the block chain does not represent the future, whether the value of the block chain can only be measured by the value of the digital currency. In addition to the digital currency, there are some more mature scenes, such as the financial industry. The scene of the current block chain technology is suitable for the scene with high standardization, large automation demand and many qualifications, and the financial scene is right. The block chain is revolutionary to the promotion of the financial industry, which can reduce the cost of several procedures, increase the security and reduce the probability of error. And the financial industry has a rich market imagination, and if the assets can be mostly in the chain, the wind estimate on the block chain is going to blow for a long time. At present, many financial institutions are aware of this, and have begun to carry out the practice of block chain. The central bank has landed its own digital currency. Some banks are also exploring the application of the block chain. The bank uses the block chain to carry out the poverty alleviation, and CITIC Bank uses the block chain to establish the credit card platform, making the original cumbersome model simple and saving the cost and improving efficiency. The block chain, as a technology that still needs to develop, needs funds and talent, is not immediately concerned. But when the machine is ripe, it should also be a technology that can improve people’s work and efficiency, and the next tuyere can appear in the mature scene. ,

Doing business is making public money, so we need to understand the needs of the masses. At present, China has experienced three consumption upgrades. Some people have seen opportunities in the reform and opening up. Because of the reform of the economic system, China is short of anything at that time. Some individuals seize the opportunity to go to the sea ahead of time. Compared to those who scramble for the last laid-off of the state-owned enterprises, they have become a group of “ten thousand yuan” in New China. The second consumption upgrade is the stock market, when the consumption growth is rapid, the stock is on the market, the more the people scrambled, the more money, then the easy time. Real estate is the third consumption upgrade, there is no more to say here. The opportunity comes quickly, and the next one can only wait.

Some people say that the Internet is the next, and now the Internet is at the point of the previous article, and it is the important part of the AI, new energy vehicles, housing leases and environmental protection to drive the future development.

First of all, artificial intelligence, if it is the age of the Internet, the future is absolutely artificial intelligence, with the development of time and technology, the traditional industry is speaking to intelligent, now the development trend has been basically mature, the next is to go up. The field of AI is simply a place for war.

New energy vehicles and environmental protection can be put together to say that the environmental banner has been playing for many years, and will never fall. Therefore, as one of the seven strategic emerging industries, the Department of energy vehicles must have a cup of soup. China attaches great importance to the development of new energy vehicles. By 2020, the sales of new energy vehicles are expected to reach 2 million, and in 2025, energy vehicles will account for more than 20% of the total car sales. This development prospect is really not to be missed.

Speculation for so many years, real estate changes have finally come, in recent years the government has been constantly increasing the strength to control house prices, and efforts to form a stable housing lease system, so the future of the house must not be fried, Shenzhen Shanghai and other cities of the housing rental market is rising.

Miss the property market, miss bitcoin, the next tuyere will be what. Every opportunity in China has the support of policy. The next tuyere writer thinks there are two big directions, one is the opportunity to revitalize the rural strategy and the other is the fourth industrial revolution.

The strategy of revitalizing the country strategy is the major economic upgrades and development strategy of the country in the near future, which will bring great wealth opportunity. The development of our country’s economy in the forty years is very fast, but the rural areas of our country are still very backward. I have been to the rural research in many regions. The rural areas in many places are left old and children, the rural economic development is seriously lagging behind, the people who have been to Europe and Japan know that the countryside of Europe and Japan is very beautiful, the environment is also very well and agriculture is more developed than our country. This national focus on the policy of supporting the revitalization of the rural economy, bringing new opportunities for the rural economic development, revitalizing the rural economy is easy to say, it is difficult to do things difficult to do, it is difficult to make money. According to the experience that I give to the entrepreneurs of the Financier Club, the key of the enterprises to participate in the revitalization of the rural economy is to find the industry suitable for the local development, create a business model of the industrial chain, and create a few high profit products or projects from the industrial chain as a breakthrough, so that the revitalization of the rural economy can bring high profit.

The second great opportunity for wealth is to participate in the fourth industrial revolution, and the human race has passed three industrial revolutions, and every industrial revolution is a great wealth opportunity. The fourth industrial revolution in China is to build industrial clusters for all walks of life, promote industrial upgrading and occupy the world’s industrial high point. The core is the combination of industrial operation and capital operation, a bit like the success of the industrial integration of JP Morgan in the United States of the year, which made the United States a real world hegemony, the fourth industrial revolution was successful in China, and China would replace the United States and become the world hegemon. The fourth industrial revolution includes the integration of artificial intelligence, large data, robot, financial technology and other new technologies. There are only two directions in the future of China’s great wealth opportunities.

If you agree with my point of view, please add my attention and praise. If you have any puzzles in the life of wealth or the problem of investment and financing capital operation, welcome the private letter, thank you for your support.

Of course, like the Internet, after the infrastructure is available, the block chain + will also be a huge wind gate second only to the Internet +.

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