Missed two times IBM, can block chain seize the next era

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IBM is crazy to seize the market chain block.

3 March 18, IBM announced that it has signed a letter of intent with the six international banks, the World Wire issued a payment network stable currency in the IBM bank plan.

Morgan chase after a hundred years of stable currency olive branch.

Stable currency is a digital currency anchor encryption currency, its role is controversial in stable currency has not yet received regulatory approval at the federal level. On the same day that Citibank has abandoned its attempt to stabilize currency related, and that the block chain technology in cross-border payment does not improve the efficiency. As the first attempt to make a public stable currency technology giants, IBM this is bold. IBM announced this action.

For a time, the public opinion to the attention of IBM rising. In fact, the company was founded in 1911, it established technology companies in the old world, in recent years, with the blockchain technology closely.

In the field of hard block chain propaganda and commercial rapid, in contrast with previous caution.

The era of the IT mainframe market monopoly “blue giant” IBM, computer software to the Microsoft era, the era of cloud computing by amazon.

This time, IBM can pass the next time to seize the blockchain bonus?

Block chain layout IBM: $160 million a year investment

IBM is the earliest in the enterprise to invest the company chain block.

IBM Jerry, vice president of blockchain Cuomo revealed that IBM has made some exploration in 2014 years, and try to achieve in the etheric Fang, but because of the licensing mode, IBM chose to start to build their own block chain from zero.

The selection of the final product, is the field of today’s most famous super league chain books. The end of 2015 IBM announced support from the Linux foundation for the establishment of the Open Ledger Project open book project, and became a founding member of the enterprise, contributed 44000 code to the Linux community. This is later we see Hyperledger Fabric super books project.

International companies led the formation of a few open source chain project. In addition to Hyperledger Fabric, JP Morgan Quorum, R3 Corda, Microsoft Coco. The Hyperledger community is the most mature, also held a number of online promotional activities, coupled with IBM’s strong impetus, the awareness should be the highest international alliance chain project.

At the end of 2015, Microsoft has launched a joint venture in New York, ConsensYs block chain cloud based technology platform; in 2016 announced the launch of “open, modular block chain components” plan Bletchley; but obviously IBM open source strategy is better, has earned its reputation in the community. Finally, Microsoft in 2017 following the footsteps IBM launched the open source project Coco chain.

In February 2016, IBM announced the launch of a block chain service platform, also launched the “shadow lending process can improve the chain Shadowchain, identity authentication system, cloud security services block chain project, and said the launch block chain commercial project in the history of the largest in September. At the end of 2017, IBM and Stellar cooperate to build a new “international payment solutions” World Wire, in a variety of cross-border payments between monetary promotion.

The IBM block chain business development today, has been covering food safety, Global trade supply chain, financial industry, advertising publishing, advertising department, insurance industry, networking and other 7 scenes. Accordingly, IBM’s staff and funds invested a lot of money.

In 2018, the general manager of the Marie Wieck block chain business revealed that they have recruited about 1600 employees exploration block chain technology projects, and in this emerging industry investment and human resource layout are ahead of the competition. According to the average annual salary of $100 thousand calculation, IBM’s annual expenditure on the block chain on the project cost up to $160 million.

The latest TNW Glass Forkor according to the collected shows released statistics, field block chain recruitment needs most is IBM, there are nearly 110 jobs, far more than the oracle and other companies.

 Missed two times IBM, can block chain seize the next era

Source: TNW

Compared with IBM and Microsoft, Amazon’s cloud service way ahead in the cloud services market (AWS) is more cautious. Amazon cloud services CEO Andy Yach had said last year, Amazon AWS will be less likely to provide services based on block chain.

In the field of IBM block chain significantly behind the positive and in the cloud computing market are not unrelated, it needs new customers, reduce the gap between Amazon and Microsoft. IBM Blockchain vice president Jerry Cuomo said: “our sales department is to block chain could not be more love, because of the block chain brought composite business opportunities. A few companies in the supply chain can share a block chain system, if we fix one of them, the company can help us to do effective stealth propaganda.”

More importantly, IBM in the development of the hundred years of history, has experienced “need time to get back to its former position”, but each time oneself stumbled, and it did not return to the first.

The transformation history of tumble

IBM CEO Gerstner in his autobiography, “who says elephants can’t dance” in the company to reverse the decision about the predicament, and the development process of IBM corporation.

The IBM architecture is large, every transition, are like a dancing elephant: hard and jerky, but not successful.

In the IBM century, it can be divided into transformation, from hardware manufacturers to software services both part of the transition from traditional manufacturing to hardware manufacturers.

This transformation stumbled: the era of IT missed two key parts of the PC’s most valuable; software service period, and missed the cloud computing market opportunities.

The era of hardware IBM, whether it is a large computer business or personal computer business, IBM has an absolute advantage in the market. Helpless, because underestimate Microsoft this “software service provider”, IBM will allow Microsoft operating system has been sold to other manufacturers. Finally, Microsoft opened the era of software and hardware of software subsidiary.

After IBM began the transition to software service industry in 2002 years. The newly appointed CEO Peng Mingsheng put forward the “on demand” strategy. IBM even representative Thinkpad was sold to Lenovo, PC announced its withdrawal from the market; on the other hand, the acquisition of PWC and many other software companies strive to complete package of software products, entered the knowledge service, software and consulting services market.

 Missed a couple of times IBM, can block chain seize the next era

The light blue part of the software business income ten years gradually occupied most of the revenue of IBM

By means of active business transformation, IBM stock at the time of the financial crisis and achieve “contrarian”, in the 2011 years up to 2 times in 2009 years during the ebb period, catch up with rivals such as HP and CISCO.

However, later the force of IBM still can not catch up on the background of Microsoft software. More sad is that when it is completed the transition of an era, the next era: AWS in the crazy layout of cloud computing, Microsoft is also the comprehensive service cloud. The most direct consequence is that since 2012 5 years, IBM almost every quarter revenues are in decline.

 Missed two times IBM, can block chain seize the next era

Source: www.statista.com

Amazon launched the AWS in 2002 2009, Microsoft also joined the cloud computing market. The IBM hit from 2013, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) $600 million worth of high profit private cloud contracts to AWS. 2015 years 5 months, AWS said it 2014 years to achieve revenue of $4 billion 600 million. In 2017, AWS cloud services reached 45% in the global IaaS market share is higher than the sum of the public, Microsoft, Google and IBM, the king has been set.

Qinghua University papers mentioned, “IBM announced cloud computing plans at the end of 2007, the concept of cloud computing in front of the public”. It is hard to imagine a in 2007 on the proposed plan and the concept of cloud computing to the public view of the company, how in the cloud computing market failure.

Although at the end of 2007, the proposed cloud computing plan, but until 2013 to about $2 billion acquisition of SoftLayer Technologies, IBM officially entered the public cloud market, and not as the main business development training, actively deploying private cloud while ignoring the Gong Youyun market. Multiple factors, IBM cloud computing in the market competition by AWS, Microsoft, Google behind.

Although IBM did not admit in cloud computing is the identity of followers, but until 2018 Q4, IBM cloud computing services is still ranked in the AWS, Microsoft and Google, only has a market share of 7.5%.

 Missed two times IBM, can block chain seize the next era

Source: Synergy Research Group

Consecutive years of declining revenue, Buffett holdings of stocks also makes IBM a difficult situation, the “dancing elephant” is now seeking a new breakthrough, and this time, the block chain appeared.

Has missed too many times IBM. This time, do not want to miss.

The IBM block chain renewal?

In September 2017, the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) said in a note to clients, block chain technology is the technology giant IBM in the future. “IBM’s traditional business is gradually declining, we believe that the block chain and intelligent computing technology is the best choice to help its return to the former position”.

It can be said that IBM is unprecedented in the layout of the block chain field strength, it is trying to embrace new technology to revive the company’s business, cloud computing and block chain technology etc.. So far, the strategy seems to be quite effective.

The most straightforward is that falling revenue achieved revenue and profit growth in both the situation in 2018. In addition, WinterGreen Research reported in 2017 that IBM and Microsoft to carve up the global market chain block 51%, which accounted for 32% of IBM.

 Missed two times IBM, can block chain seize the next era

WinterGreen Research

The IBM block chain layout results, but it is not without a crisis. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other giants have begun to layout the blockchain. At present, several are powerful in their user base, block chain layout is also more diverse: in addition to business oriented service platform, Microsoft also launched a user oriented to the center of the ID verification technology based on block chain; Google books actively promote distributed technology, and actively invest in the block chain.

Another problem is worthy of consideration, the blockchain market size comparable to the operating system and cloud computing? Today, block chain but also IBM and Microsoft in the cloud computing services provided by AWS’s characteristics, carefully into the Bureau, but also for the high cost of trial and error. In the future the blockchain shouting outside, there are a few adhere bearish voice. Jinsha River venture capital director Zhu Xiaohu accepted the media interview when he said that the application block chain technology is very limited, even as the theory itself is a problem.

He believes that the current blockchain pain point is imagined. For example, the issue of trust in the developed area does not exist, such as bank account, securities account through a few problems, in addition to ensure the accuracy of accounting, and the high cost of storage and technical efficiency of the blockchain is very low.

Previously, the famous American information security guru Bruce Schneier, in the “connection” magazine published an article entitled “There’s No Good Reason to Trust Blockchain Technology”, the article points out that the blockchain claims can replace human social trust with technology, but in fact verification (verification) is not equal to the trust (trust). He urged them not to blindly believe the blockchain, there is no meaning to block private chain access mechanism, no public chain.

In the era of software glorious blue giant, whether this perfect dance? Are betting on the wrong?


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