Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group CEO: Bank encrypted currency “with no bit currency”

nnLast week, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon publicly criticized Bitcoin for “a scam” and said “it will not get good results”, and thus headlines and gained widespread attention. Recently, the chief executive of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), a Japanese financial giant, responded to CNBC’s interview and tried to separate the block-chain project that the bank was involved with Bitcoin.n
nTranslation: Clovern
Last week, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon was widely criticized for publicly criticizing Bitcoin, after which the chief executive of the Japanese financial giant, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), tried to bring the bank into a block chain The project is separated from Bitcoin.n
Nobuyuki Hirano, CEO of MUFG, responded to the remarks made by JP Morgan CEO in an interview with CNBC, who criticized Bitcoin for “a scam” and said “it will not get good results “And boarded the headlines. It is noteworthy that Hirano stressed in the interview that “digital currency types are different”, which includes the form of digital currency that constitutes part of the block-based settlement system that MUFG is developing with other financial institutions.n
He said to the media:n
n”In short, Jamie blames the digital currency for fraud may refer to public digital currency.”n
nHirano continues to emphasize that private foreign currency is regulated and controlled, unlike private encrypted currencies (such as Bitcoin), and that:n
n”… private currency is a kind of inter-bank currency or securities settlement and clearing method, so this has nothing to do with the bitches or other encrypted currencies that do not have any management, and the prices of these encrypted currencies are subject to huge fluctuations every day. Does not involve money laundering and other problems. “n
nMUFG CEO concluded that the bank applied the block chain to the payment and settlement process, hoping to “make every step more efficient.”n
The agency has been studying the concept of digital money for some time, including researching the issue of internal “MUFG coins”, copying certain aspects of other digital currencies, but without the need for a bit-intensive energy-intensive mining process.n

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