Modernized pharmaceutical supply chain


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nThe University of Lipsomb in Nashville, Tennessee, has partnered with Hashed Health, a medical innovation firm focused on block-chain technology. According to the United States Tennessee (USA Today) reported that they will jointly explore the distributed medical books in June.n
nBlock chain technology in the medical industry “is still in its infancy, but you can have a team of experts who can carry it,” director of the Lipscomb University Medical Information Center Bethn
nBreeden says that partnerships can help and facilitate the development of the technology in the medical community. “n
nLipscomb University School of Medicine is the first academic organization to join the chain of chain health care institutions Hashed Health. A press release from Lipscomb said the partnership was “the first to intervene in the chain area with university status and allowed the opening of courses and internships with block chain technology.”n
nThe college ranks among the top 10% of all medical colleges in the United States, and it offers a Ph.D. (PhD) PhD (ACPE) accredited by the Pharmacy Education Accreditation Board. It is noteworthy that the University of Lipscomb’s medical specialty is the first college in the United States to allow student pharmacists to fully participate in the research of intelligent data at IBM Watson Analytics, which also marks the Institute’s use of emerging technology in medical applications.n
n”We see a great opportunity to integrate medicine through the chain of chains,” said Roger Davis, Dean of the University of Lipscomb University School of Medicine and Health. “This partnership is the use of block chains and distributed taxonomy in the medical field.”n
nRedefine medical technologyn

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