Modularity in the blockchain in the new concept, ALL to completely achieve technological integration is not easy!

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At this year’s Davos forum, blockchain, together with technologies such as AI and 3D printing, was listed as an important technology in the fourth scientific and technological revolution. Some questioned the encryption of the currency, but few denied the blockchain and could foresee the next For some time all the focus will be gathered in this industry.n
Blockchain technology is not mature, integration may be the next doorn
It is not without reason that the blockchain technology behind the cryptocurrency is really immature, such as silos of information, trade congestion, security privacy and more. But it is this “young” technology that gives a lot of opportunities for a team that embodies entrepreneurial dreams.n
In 2017, the public chain in the block chain industry come out on top, Ethereum, ants NEO, quantum chain, etc., a thousand times the gains made many people’s dreams. Today, the public chain has matured, but the problem is still grim. Many projects have been looking for the next breakthrough, some to cross-chain side chain development, and some try ecological integration, the next outlet where? This undoubtedly bothers everyone. Today’s protagonist is such a tyrant looking for the direction of the entire industry project – ALL.n
ALL is a project that emerged from the public view at the end of last year. The idea is to gradually integrate the top 100 global market-leading blockchain technologies such as lightning network, fragmentation technology and zero-knowledge proof by cutting-edge convergence technologies to assemble POW and POS advantages, on the one hand to improve the performance of the blockchain, so that TPS more than one million, can resist quantum attacks, etc .; on the other hand to enhance the security of blockchain. In addition, depth can be combined with other sunrise industries such as the Internet of things, AI, etc., to achieve the effect of simplification, so that more people in a more simple way to join the world of blockchain.n
Set all director, ALL why stand on the shoulders of giantsn
Only after you really understand the project can you understand the difficulty of the project. First, in the process of modularizing the fusion object, only the thorough analysis of its fusion object, including the technical characteristics, merits and demerits, and so on, can avoid the technical loopholes in the concrete implementation process, and the object is The global market capitalization of all the top 100 projects, the degree of difficulty can be imagined. According to the official website announcement, you can see that this is exactly what the ALL team has been doing in the past two months. ALL has conducted a preliminary and detailed analysis of the top 100 global market captures for snapshot time statistics and has given the analysis results on the official website (which is beyond my expectation, putting the team’s analysis of other projects out of the box for disclosure and transparency ).n

2018.2.02ALL official website announced 2017.12.25Coinmarketcap market capitalization of the top 100 features of the main chain (top ten screenshots)n
From Bitcoin to Digitalnote, 100 projects want to fully understand naturally not a month or two can be solved, it can be said that this task is an extreme test of ALL on the industry benchmarking project’s technical control and analysis capabilities. As can be seen from the open tables, there may not be any individual projects in place, but the main technical features of each project are very clear and can be very objective.n
Second, we need to refine and encapsulate the major technical advantages of each project on a comprehensible basis into a single module for plug and play. ALL’s main chain contains a total of seven dimensions of storage, data structure, consensus, business direction, application implementation, performance, mining methods, and then subdivided 37 customizable features to create block LEGO Cool chain. And this is only a preliminary plan, the difficulty of the project is also reflected here. If all of these features are implemented as planned, it is foreseeable that ALL’s “blockchain” solutions will be worth the industry’s attention.n
Thirdly, due to the decentralized-aggregated process of modularization and the large number of modules, the mutual exclusion between modules should be taken into account when doing the concept of modular splicing. ALL in the fusion technology using sandbox isolation mutex module, which is the difference between fusion. The biggest advantage of this approach is the isolation between the two modules mutually exclusive, even if the two modules mutually exclusive encounter, there will be a safe sandbox mechanism. Effectively solve the mutual exclusion between the various modules.n

Every subversion begins with the slightest, ALL’s innovative ideas should be supportedn
If we mention the technology integration in the blockchain industry a year ago, it is really elusive. And experienced the development of violence in the industry a year later, in the ALL team view, this is not a dream.n

From the perspective of blockchain data and user level, if information such as ETH, Qtum, and NEO can be integrated with users, the problem of “information silos” may be effectively solved, so as to achieve interoperability between networks and promote blockchain Between the blockchain technology and industry level, ALL if we can achieve the modular integration of the various major chain technologies, will inevitably accelerate the blockchain landing and commercial processes; from enterprises and entrepreneurs, the customizable , Optional technology packages undoubtedly lower the industry threshold at the same time, also provides the best quality suitable service.n
ALL’s goals may be somewhat idealistic, but this kind of innovation is exactly what the industry needs urgently and deserves support from every one of us. What surprises the mysterious ALL team can bring to our surprise in 2018 is unknown to us, but in terms of available information, the team’s determination, courage and technology are remarkable, especially for the entire industry Is in place, the understanding of the industry benchmarking project is in place. And what exactly is the future, but also need time to verify.n

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