Monex Group survey: Bitcoin investors still only a minority

nnnA global investor survey conducted by the Monex Group found that although the digital currency was hot recently, Bitcoin investors were still a minority in the global investment market. The survey also analyzes future investment trends and highlights the importance of the APF.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nMonex Group’s recent global investor survey found that compared with the global total number of investors, Bitcoin investors are still only a few.n
nThe findings of the survey indicate that the awareness of Bitcoin is not high enough:n
nn”We asked the retail investors in the ‘virtual currency’, such as Bitcoin investment situation.The results show that the retail investment in this area is still very low, claiming that the virtual currency has been invested in the retail in Japan and the United States only 3% China (Hong Kong) is only 10%. “n
nJapanese investors are more familiar with digital moneyn
nAbout 20% of investors in China and the United States do not have knowledge of digital money.n
nn”The survey also shows that many Japanese are familiar with digital money, although they have not yet invested.”n
nAccept bit currencyn
nAs the value of Bitcoin grows, existing investors are likely to increase. One of the main reasons for this speculation is that Japan has legitimized Bitcoin as an official currency and can be used as a way to pay for everyday purchases.n
nIt is equally importantn
nIn addition to Bitcoin, the Ether Square is also a strong competitor, and is said to be more than Bitcoin in the next few years. This is mainly due to the technology to promote a variety of ICO.n
nAlthough the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed, many investors have failed to catch the best investment opportunity, but the ether square seems to be another wise choice. In view of the fact that the value of the ethercomb is growing compared to Bitcoin, the perfect opportunity for people to become familiar with digital money may be from the ether square.n

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