Money can not buy bitcoin was bloodbath: devaluation of 10000 million, crash reason has been found

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This year, bitcoin prices fell again and again, from the highest 19000 dollars fell to $4000 now only less than. With bitcoin fell is a lot of coins worth investors disappear, bitcoin market value fell ten thousand from the highest to the hundreds of billions of dollars more than 600 billion, devaluation of more than $10000. And now a tragic situation, a hard currency had appeared when currency prices rose when bit situation.

Nakamoto bitcoin is put forward in 2010, a long period of time, bitcoin is not known, but also a very big joke. In 2012, bitcoin was the price of only 3 cents, then a programmer spent twenty thousand bitcoins to buy two pizza. From then to the continuous slump to not worth a hair very valuable today, bitcoin prices experienced a magical moment, countless reasons now, bitcoin slump finally found, perhaps this can give this slump huashangjuhao.

Recently, because bitcoin continued to fall sharply, many investors choose to launch the bitcoin market, let bitcoin prospects cast a shadow. However, after understanding the cause of bitcoin crash, we can understand actually this kind of situation is not so terrible. In the second half of this year, the United States launched the “digital asset securities issuance and trading statement”, the document did not identify the legal status of bitcoin. This makes the confidence of investors hit. In addition, there is a lead to the collapse of the price of bitcoin bitcoin cash hard branch. In fact, this encryption for bitcoin currency, the bifurcation is like a computer system upgrade.

And the founder of bifurcation of the fuse is bit, Wu Jihan and two self proclaimed Nakamoto bitcoin bifurcation caused by the war, at present, temporarily keep the advantage position of the bit. Bitcoin circle bigwigs war let the bitcoin market capitalization fell sharply, so many investors suffer bloodbath. Now, development of chain market public the whole block chain is slow, which makes the development of the Ethernet public square “chain suffered heavy losses. However, although the bitcoin fell indeed by the earthquake, but there are still many chiefs look like the future of bitcoin.

Since this year, although the bitcoin regulatory unit was suppressed, the bifurcation events of black swan events more frequent, but throughout the history of bitcoin, this situation is very normal. In the initial stage of bitcoin, recognized the value problem of virtual currency is very normal. Do investment must see a long-term situation, only in this way can we in the fog, time still maintained a sense of direction.

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