More than 2 Japanese retailers will accept bitcoin payment

More than 2 Japanese retailers will accept bitcoin payment

Bitcoin exchange and payment network Econtext Quoine recently reached an agreement to allow in Japan 2 of thousands of online and retail entities accept the use of bitcoin payment.

This is actually allowed thousands of early use of Econtext payment services for tens of thousands of online stores to accept bitcoin payment at the same time, without the need to use bitcoin special processor. From now on, businessmen can enjoy such services.

Mario Gomez CEO Lozada Quoine said, from the beginning of last year, his company has been in Econtext and to discuss the matter, and in order to connect to the Quoine payment platform early to do a lot of work for the integration of technology companies.

Gomez Lozada told CoinDesk:: “for us, this is a very important cooperation.”

According to Gomez Lozada, Econtext has signed a contract with the acceptance of bitcoin payment businesses, also welcome other businesses to join in.

Such relationships may stimulate and make Japan to accept bitcoin businesses began to rise. Because of the negative news Mt Gox exchange of bankruptcy, making Japan compared to other countries to pay with bitcoin adoption rate has been very low.

This system is how to cooperate with businesses to pay work

Check system exchange and Quoine connected businesses, while providing a bitcoin price for the business, delivery to the customer.

The quotation will be locked for 30 minutes during the customer and merchant, so no need to worry about the price of bitcoin huge volatility. Econtext provides payment so that businesses can be used to select the page in the page will appear on the bitcoin payments and two-dimensional code scanning, the user can choose which way of payment.

Recently, the company recently acquired Digital Garage Inc Co. is a company in Japan’s science and technology investment company, to provide settlement services for enterprise operation, including credit card, electronic currency and loyalty points and bill payment system, convenience stores, banks and telecommunications operators.

Provide technical support for Quoine

As more professional than the average consumer of foreign exchange dealers, Singapore Quoine company claims to be the highest amount in the yen market trading bitcoin exchange. Gomez Lozada said that the current exchange average trading volume in 500 to 1 thousand, during holidays and special time will be higher.

“Transaction volume growth significantly, quite amazing and continues to grow.” In addition to bitcoin, Quoine also added ten currency account.

Quoine recently opened a new function, on the basis of bitcoin transactions, and other legal tender but free, users can only use local currency trading.

The exchange is open 25 x margin trading (bitcoin or statutory collateral), algorithmic trading, futures, yen interest bitcoin loans and API access.

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