More than 700 French savers have suffered bitcoin scams this year, with a total loss of over thirty million euros

This year, the highest price of bitcoin fell more than 80%, while bitcoin standard fraudsters are often succeed. From twitter to mail fraud, hackers and criminals all over the world are weaving a variety of bitcoin scams trick investors to hand over their bitcoin.

According to bitcoinnews news, the French stock market regulator AMF independent of the French “Le Parisien” (La Parisienne) said that this year alone, there are 700 people suffered telephone fraud. Liar by phone lock victims, they promised to invest in bitcoins will reap huge rewards in a false website. These scams cause depositors lose about 31 million euros ($35 million).

Digital currency soared behind, reflecting the greed of human nature, and use people to cheat flourishes dream weaving all kinds of digital money scam. The following lists several conventional tricks

A “Ponzi scheme” currency fraud ring leek

This type of scam is more common in the coin circle, commonly known as rob Peter to pay Paul. The new approach of the circle of leek coin money, high interest rates to pay before the old leek, the project will make new and old Chinese chive principal can not mention now, with high interest income create the illusion of money and thus defrauding more add leek. When the leek found the principal can not mention now, the project is likely to have been lost to run away.

Two: to deposit ore fraud ring leek

Bitcoin price shocks last year, even a new high, some do bitcoin mining 90 earned pours, and led to its mills for a time by the ants all over the country investors sold out, or even 3 months in advance to get the goods. This time saw the opportunity to defraud a liar, they promote their public and community through the major sites, promises can get cheap in the industry is The Brain its premise is, investors need to pay a certain proportion of the deposit before shipment. However, investors once the cash into the crook account will be difficult to get, some scammers direct dissolution WeChat group lost contact.

3: storage bitcoin, bitcoin theft

After all the major digital currency exchange was hacked, stolen bitcoin after the outbreak, more and more investors are worried about the safety of his bitcoin wallet. At the same time, fraud on the Internet that can take custody, such as leading the anti-theft technology. Then when the user will bitcoin wallet in safety, crooks will wallet in bitcoin.

Four: exchange and OTC fraud

Some crooks out exchange than other mainstream exchange lower financing rates, cheating investors into the gold operation in the crook of exchange, the other is the OTC fraud claims can now than 10% or even 20% of the closing price of bitcoin on the sidelines, some investors can not help the temptation, in the OTC, bitcoin is a liar swept can’t come up with.

5: social software or e-mail phishing

11 months, Mask, an official twitter and other channels filled with all kinds of fraud. Guide for liars tend to click on a false link, go after will steal the user’s account information, to achieve the purpose of fishing. Then liar deception succeeded will bitcoin into their own account.

In recent years, the rapid development of chain block, deception is also constantly upgrading, we cannot fake thinking stagnation. Look at the circle of friends to be vigilant money heart, protect their own interests, to avoid being cheated.

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