Morning news, bitcoin trading fell over 14% breaking $4700; millet behind GREE 182 billion, 10 billion gamble entered the countdown


[State Administration of Taxation issued the “26” measures for the private tax cuts down the negative, launched Zhenjinbaiyin hard measures]

The State Administration of Taxation issued in November 16th the “notice on the implementation of further support and service of private economic development of a number of measures”. Notification requirements, and resolutely implement the organizational principles of the law of taxation revenue to the tax authorities at all levels, determined not to “guotoushui”, and resolutely implement the tax relief policy. For the operational difficulties of private enterprises according to law for extension of tax payment and so on. 5 aspects of 26 specific initiatives to support the development of private economy (tax administration website)

[Xinhua News Agency: the company reform two pilot will welcome into the depth of expanding the scope of upgrade]

Xinhua News Agency issued a document called the reorganization of the formation of state-owned capital investment and operating companies (two companies), is a new attempt of a new round of reform of state-owned enterprises, but also to achieve an important measure to strengthen the regulatory capital based state-owned assets supervision. “The next step will be to put more conditions of the central enterprises into state-owned capital investment and operating company pilot.” Xiao Yaqing said, the SASAC added preliminary consideration about 10 pilot enterprises, combined with the actual situation of the country should further expand the scope of the pilot.

[Wang Yi: APEC no declaration is mainly there are people who want to be imposed on the parties] text

In response to a reporter about the just concluded meeting of Papua New Guinea APEC, State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi said the meeting has not issued the “Declaration” A thing has its cause. Mainly individual economies adhere to their own text to impose other parties for protectionism and unilateralism and do not accept the excuse, China and other parties put forward reasonable suggestions. This practice has caused many economies, including China discontent, also does not conform to the principle of consensus on the APEC. Consensus is the value and the basic rules of APEC is related to the common interests of all parties, can not be ignored and abandoned. China respects Papua New Guinea as the host is the outcome of the meeting issued a presidential statement, hope this statement can induce consensus, a more positive energy. (Ministry of foreign affairs website)

Macro economy

People’s Daily: [] system to cultivate more new free trade zone

People’s Daily published an article that the 12 test area of free trade, and some focus on the coastal mainland Hong Kong and Macao docking, some focus on opening up to the west, the distinctive means that each mission. It is in this sense that the FTA is a national level, not local plots. Throughout the development process, still need to continue to climb the institutional innovation heights, rather than spin in the preferential policies depression; still need more exploration of “pioneering”, not simply copy the works of others. To sum up in a word, to achieve the effect of CAFTA construction, we must emancipate the mind, keep pace with the times, the problem, the way to end foot as far as possible, to really play a role of pressure test. To prove the experience and practice of effective, timely summarize and improve the standard, in the promotion, so small victories, will continue to push forward the reform and opening up.

The insurance industry set up the first [bail-out] private issuance of information management products

The first bail-out private issuance of the insurance information management products have been landing. This product consists of China Life Asset Management Co set up, named “China Life Asset – kylin series products”. Learned from China Life Asset, kylin series products will take “issued”, in accordance with market principles of investment management, private enterprises to participate in the subscription of debt financing instruments. At the same time, under the supervision of permitting, when the time is right, China Life asset are willing to invest or the issuance of credit risk mitigation tools (CRM). (Securities Times)

[the relevant agencies encourage participation in market development and Reform Commission issued debt]

Allow qualified insurance group (holding) companies, insurance companies, insurance asset management institutions set up specialized agencies engaged in the implementation of the market debt; encourage private equity funds to carry out market debt to equity swap; encourage banks, trust companies, securities companies, fund management companies, according to the law issued asset management products in the market the debt to equity swap; encourage yet to establish implementing agency of commercial banks using the existing institutions to carry out market debt, qualified commercial banks alone or in combination with other social capital or allowed to initiate the establishment of financial support for foreign Property Investment Companies; to set up a private equity investment fund market debt service etc.. (NDRC website)

[more than a hundred small record companies pledge to lift the 3 big a magic weapon “mine” success]

Wind data according to incomplete statistics, since November, a total of 147 listed companies released terminate the pledge of shares (excluding the announcement after the pledge pledge to lift the company). Among them, 52 GEM companies; 52 for small and medium enterprises, respectively, accounted for 35%, taken together accounted for 71%. (Securities Times)

[card header version: increase of RMB stabilized probability]

China Securities newspaper published an article saying that the dollar index attempts to break up failed, as the policy is expected to change the dollar upward risk of decline, the RMB exchange rate against the dollar’s external pressure to reduce the probability of stabilization, rise. There are signs of improvement in the internal external pressure, a series of steady growth policy is gradually markedly, while regulators will continue to strengthen macro Prudential Management, will maintain the RMB exchange rate basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level. With the dollar index of short-term adjustment, the risk of RMB dollar exchange rate fell below 7 yuan also further decreased.

[the first suite loan interest rate rose for the 22 consecutive month in Beijing 10 months of second-hand housing turnover again below the million]

360 to financial statistics show that 10 months of this year, the first suite loan interest rate 22 consecutive months rose. However, Beijing’s first suite and two suites loan average interest rate fell qoq. At the same time, Beijing in October 8879 sets of second-hand housing turnover in February after again below the million, turnover fell 41.9%. The decrease in turnover and other factors influence the recent bank lending faster, there are individual banks cut lending rates. (Securities Daily)

[a new batch of opening project in Shanghai FTA test area first wholly foreign-owned performance agencies, the formal establishment of fiscal union] November 19th hearing, “Chinese (Shanghai) free trade zone to expand the conference signing and key enterprise service work mechanism of open measures project today held in Pudong. The first wholly foreign-owned performance agencies, the first Sino foreign joint venture projects Sindh foreshore aircraft manufacturing project in Russia international commercial aircraft and aviation technology enterprises established by APCI transformation of the aircraft design company the Laura aviation technology, the full range of IT service provider Beyondsoft, the leading global healthcare enterprise application of artificial intelligence artificial intelligence technology Ada Brandtology business with Shanghai since the area of trade test area sign. (view news)

Stock market

[in progress: recruiting branch office of finance, brokerage self diagnostic standard potential stock]

In the docking coordination regulation, the competent departments of the local financial sector is planning to have branch board listed will, and in accordance with the positioning of the Enterprise Statistics Branch board. Although the branch board listing standards have not yet been born, but in the selection of statistical quasi IPO enterprise, part of the local finance office also set the corresponding standard. Some brokers also in the formulation of the internal standard, were listed on has the potential to branch company IPO project, some brokers also by strengthening cooperation with venture capital institutions to implement benchmarking project to collect. (21 century economic report)

The rapid development of a number of options [50ETF] new varieties of financial option is expected to break the ice

Informed sources revealed to reporters, a number of new varieties of financial options include deep 100ETF options and 300ETF options, Shanghai and Shenzhen are actively preparing for, is expected soon to break the ice. The new varieties have been passed, can feel the exchange in the introduction of new varieties is the fastest speed recently, the end of this year or early next year will be the introduction of new varieties.” Informed sources told reporters that the “Shenzhen is deep 100ETF option, the Shanghai Stock Exchange may be pushing the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300ETF option, which is the gold stock index options.” (Securities Times)

[“big brother” Wang Yawei’s private advance liquidation in the third quarter 1942 institutions 4045 products a liquidation tide]

Data show that the first three quarters of this year, the total liquidation of private equity products reached 4045, involving 1942 institutions, a record high of 5 years. In the liquidation of private equity products, private equity strategy product is only 2087, accounting for 51.59%. The fund industry association data show that Wang Yawei’s railway Bauhinia auspicious clouds No. 3 specific client asset management plans ahead of liquidation. (Daily News)

[A shares 21 shares over 1.4 trillion yuan goodwill goodwill total assets accounted for over 50%]

Statistics show that the listed company’s goodwill increased significantly in recent years, the shortage of 1000 2010 by the end of the year to year 2018 billion yuan at the end of the third quarter 1.45 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 14 times. From the goodwill of the proportion of total assets, as of the end of the three quarter, the two cities have 149 shares of goodwill for the total assets ratio of over 30%, of which 21 shares accounted for over 50%, including general medical office, star smoothly, all should be interconnected and holding up. (Securities Times)

[North bank stock funds gallon consumption and preference]

Data showed yesterday, the net inflow of funds continues northward trend again last week, the net inflow of 19.15 billion yuan, of which the Shanghai shares through the net inflow of funds 13.40 billion yuan, deep shares through a net inflow of funds 5.75 billion yuan, showing a strong Shanghai deep weak pattern. Analysts said that foreign investment is still a large incremental funding in the firm opening A shares, including MSCI, the FTSE Russell are expected to continue to expand the scale in the future, the capital level is directly verified, at present the degree of integration of foreign A shares is very high. (Chinese securities)

[the first financial subsidiary material years debut]

The Bank of China, China Construction Bank two state-owned big firms recently announced the establishment of a financial subsidiary, so far, has 16 Chinese banks layout financial subsidiaries. Insiders said that the measures for the management of bank financial subsidiaries to be formally introduced, the establishment of a subsidiary bank or financial institutions will speed up the first batch of subsidiaries during the year is expected to fall to the ground. (Chinese securities)

important news

The courier company [October data of Qi sto rhyme business volume growth leading]

Yesterday evening, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, SF 4 courier companies released the main business data in October. Among them, Shen Tong, rhyme two complete business volume growth of more than 40%, at the leading level in the 4 companies. Rhyme and tact express enterprise products two single ticket revenue fell. Overall, the disclosure of business data several companies have achieved more than two digit growth in 10 months, business volume also achieved growth. The Shentong express services revenue reached 1 billion 658 million yuan in October, an increase of 47.09%. Up to 511 million tickets in business volume, an increase of 44.6%. (Securities Times)

[United China Telecom shares to become the third Philippines national telecom operators]

Philippines National Telecommunications Commission announced 19, a consortium of China Telecom and a group of Philippines officially became the country’s Third National Telecom operators. China Telecom said in a statement, the China Telecom to enter the market in Philippines has become the third full-service operators, will fully enhance the level of development of the communications infrastructure in Philippines. The project will also promote the two docking of communication industry, communication industry chain drive Chinese and Philippines communication industry to promote comprehensive cooperation, including communications equipment manufacturers, terminal manufacturers, Internet applications and other exchanges and cooperation with their counterparts in Philippines. (Xinhua News Agency)

[a nine price system in Shenzhen, to explode the cervical cancer vaccine “rob” to “Yaohao”]

In April this year, the nine valent HPV vaccine approved in the mainland market. In August 16th, the mainland first-tier cities first dose of nine valent HPV vaccine inoculation in Shenzhen adult vaccination clinic Hospital of Luohu, the entire 3 needle is only 3969 yuan. But due to the excessive number of appointments, Shenzhen CDC booking platform will open every collapse crowded. Recently, WeChat said the official announcement of Shenzhen CDC, 9 price HPV vaccination will be “grab the appointment” to “Yaohao appointment”. (Daily News)

[mobile phone traffic will step in 7 provinces and cities have the price of China Mobile intends to “test the water”]

China Mobile will be in Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi first pilot launched mobile phone tariff ladder packages, packages to the domestic mobile phone Internet to take charge at. As early as last week, China Mobile Shanghai company has released the announcement will launch ladder packages. The new package monthly fee is 18 yuan, including 80 minutes calling a few minutes, the caller, China called for free. Take the price packages to the domestic mobile phone Internet mode according to user fees, monthly flow of domestic usage is divided into 4 segment, the lowest price to 0.005 yuan /MB, which is equivalent to 5 yuan /GB. (Daily News)

The average price of millet mobile phone [thousand yuan! Millet is also behind GREE 18 billion 200 million yuan, Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu “1 billion game” countdown]

Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu made in December 12, 2013 of the “one billion dollar bet” now. According to the data of the third quarter, GREE three quarter revenue of 148 billion 699 million yuan, more than millet group revenues of more than 18 billion 200 million yuan. It is worth noting that, millet third quarter group intelligent mobile phone business income of about 35 billion yuan in the third quarter sales of 33 million 300 thousand intelligent mobile phone. According to this, the intelligent mobile phone millet third quarter average price of 1051 yuan. (e administrative micro-blog)

International Information

[the three major U.S. stock index tumbled collective NASDAQ fell more than 3%]

Yesterday, the three major U.S. stock index opened low, closing down the collective. The Nasdaq composite index fell 219.40 points, or 3.03%, at 7028.48 points; the S & P 500 index fell 45.54 points, or 1.66%, at 2690.73 points; the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 395.78 points, or 1.56%, at 25017.44 points. Technology stocks led by apple, Google fell nearly 4%; Facebook, Netflix fell over 5%. Jingdong shares fell over 8%, the previously announced three quarter revenue than expected.

Nissan [chairman of the alleged economic problems were arrested]

Nissan Motor Company Chairman Carlos Genn suspicion less declare personal income, 19 by the Tokyo District Prosecutor’s office special search Department on suspicion of violating the “law” to arrest financial commodity trading. Arrested along with Ghosn and Greg Kelly on behalf of the board of directors of nissan. Nissan said in a statement released the same day, the company received internal notification has lasted several months unfair to Ghosn and Kelly conducted an internal investigation. The results of the survey, two of people in paid data fraud Securities report on the record of Ghosn, recorded data less than the actual amount paid. In addition, Ghosn also exist misappropriation of company funds to private spending and a number of major irregularities, Kelly also deeply involved in the. (Xinhua News Agency)

[bitcoin 24 hours fell more than 14% intraday crack six pass below $4700]

Following Thursday plunged nearly 14% Monday afternoon after the Asian plate, bitcoin fell again, fell below $5200-4700 after six integer mark, constantly refresh at least low in October 2017. As of Monday, U.S. stocks closed in the past 24 hours, bitcoin plunged nearly 15% or 800 dollars, mainstream digital currency mostly showed double-digit decline. (Wall Street knowledge)

[New York Fed President: the Fed’s future will be “moderate” interest rate hike]

Mon, NY Fed President John Williams said that the Fed will stick to its gradual hike path type, may to some extent to raise interest rates, the Fed’s goal is to extend the time of economic expansion, maintain a low inflation rate. But he stressed that the Fed will raise interest rates in a strong economic background, interest rate policy is not the default “”. (Wall Street knowledge)

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