“Morning Post” CCTV financial chain, “economic information network”: “hard fork” for bitcoin plummeted push

When the morning chain as early as 8 in November 22, 2018.

Early details:

When ChainDD 11 chain 22 April market showed more comprehensive index and trading platform Binance:

BTC bitcoin at $4666.68, up about 4.07% to 12 hours.

ETH Ethernet square at $138.38, up about 6.30% to 12 hours.

BCH ABC at $237.43, up about 5.64% to 12 hours.

BCHSV reported $57.10, down about 9.27% to 12 hours.

XRP reboxetine currency at $0.4552, up about 5.21% to 12 hours.

Dynamic chain ring:

The United States of Colorado, and on four ICO under the ban, the first half of 20 to ban

Colorado securities Commissioner Gerald Rome20 signed on for the four companies in the Global Pay Net, Cred LLC, CrowdShare Mining and CyberSmart Coin Invest ICO ban that these companies are on its Web site published unconfirmed data, false promises, claims to be able to provide excessive profits and dividends, information disclosure fully, and distort the facts.

Since May this year, Colorado signed ICO ban total number has reached 18. The State Securities Commission said that at least a signed ban, which means that the ICO ban will reach 20. All of these ICO violated the state securities law.

Bahrain Economic Development Committee CEO Bahrain: no ban ICO, bitcoin blockchain and welcomed

The kingdom of Bahrain economic development board CEO Khaled aylor rumey and said to the twenty-first Century economic report, on the feasibility of Bahrain ICO.

Ai Leroux Mai F said: “we are not ICO will be legalized, but consider if there is ICO to enter our regulatory sandbox, how should we respond? Singapore regulators suggested that if companies to raise funds for investment by ICO, with other financing behavior as to satisfy the corresponding provisions, such as the release of detailed instructions into the regulation of financing. Bahrain does not prohibit ICO, also bitcoin and block chain technology welcomed Bahrain’s regulatory sandbox also has several bitcoin Exchange Company, we require them to open a bank escrow account.”

The security company found the etheric Fang a new vulnerability, affected by the exchange alleged to have to repair it

Network security company Level K, Trail of and Bits IC3 found that, due to the platform code vulnerabilities, an attacker can extract all ETH many exchange holdings. This loophole and GasToken agreement about the effects of a number of encryption currency exchange.

Level K21 announced, because they do not know how many exchanges have protection measures and so on 11 13 April privately informed as many as possible exchange, advising them on how to repair the system. Level K said, a lot of exchange notice did not actually risk. According to Level K, all affected the exchange has fixed the vulnerability after receipt of the notification.

“False EOS” attack again, another EOS guessing games was hacked

According to PeckShield data show that between 15:43 – 18:31 yesterday, hackers (kuybupeykieh) contract to EOS game (vegasgame111) attack, a total profit of hundreds of EOS, tracing the chain data, in order to prevent the flow of funds to be tracked, the hacker uses dozens of times to create sub account operation to transfer the assets order.

Security analysis found that the hacker uses is “false EOS” vulnerability to attack, this vulnerability is more common in 10 months, but with the majority of developers contract development tends to regulate, similar attacks have rarely. Some of the smaller size of the game also may also have similar vulnerabilities, PeckShield remind the majority of game developers and game player, guard against security risks.

Dynamic currency circle:

CCTV financial “economic information network”: “hard fork” for bitcoin plummeted push

In the CCTV financial “economic information network” in the column, bitcoin the recent collapse of a special report. Liu Xiaolei, director of the Peking University Guanghua School of Management Department of Finance in an interview for the BCH bifurcation is explained, that bitcoin fell over 70% years, “hard to push fork collapse.

Renmin University of China International Monetary Institute researcher Li Hong said: with digital currency itself now, creating no social profits, more from the hype, weakening confidence will inevitably lead to the retail selling, also make the digital currency market will continue to decline in may.

Bit, launched a new crypto currency refinery in Washington

According to btcmanager news, bitcoin mining equipment manufacturers opened a $20 million new crypto currency mines in eastern Wenatchee area of Washington state in the United states.

Bit, North American operations director Jeff Stearns said, when experiencing the bearish trend in the encryption of the currency market, bitcoin currency prices fell and the copycat is a great opportunity for the company.

Bitcoin futures fell out of the end of 2, history of the trough

The 11 21 April 2, the American Stock Exchange bitcoin futures contract closed up, but failed to reset on $4400, consecutive days earlier last week fell to a record low, about 14%, a three week losing streak.

The world’s largest futures exchange, the United States Chicago Institute (CME) bitcoin BTC 1 month futures contract closed up more than 3.55%, closing at $4375, 20 fell more than 12.25%, closing at $4225, tired last week fell more than 13.97%.

The largest U.S. options exchange Cboe XBT bitcoin futures contract in January closed up more than 0.23%, to close at $4375, down 20, about 9.11%, to close at $4365, down about 14.35% tired last week.

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