“Morning Post” IFAB block chain region of potential trade financing platform release; hard fork for bitcoin plummeted push

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STO is a block chain project financing in the future

According to Zycrypto news, research company Node Blockchain Inc. chain block of Toronto shows that STO has better financing potential than 1CO. The “STO model” through the enhancement of intelligence contracts to help block chain industry to further promote technological development, it is beneficial to both issuers and investors. Although STO is still in development, but the researchers believe the STO framework will be the framework of the next two years the development of the capital market is the fastest, so strongly encourage its use, in order to strengthen and promote more active and efficient industry chain blocks.

The United States Deputy Attorney General: digital currency must slow growth

According to cryptoglobe news, recently the United States Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein in the eighty-seventh session of the general assembly of Interpol said: “we cannot allow cyber criminals hiding in digital currency. There are some legitimate uses of digital money. But the worst speculators are using them to provide funds for the crime and illegal income hidden.” Rosenstein also warned that the “fraud” to promote the use of encryption currency fraud and manipulation in the market.” Rosenstein said: “we must work together to clear the entire block chain can achieve the rule of law.” Mr Rosenstein admits that the crypto currency value and benefits, but he also pointed out that “ensure encryption money growth poses a challenge to law enforcement, we must slow down the growth of digital currency.”

Coinbase class file disclosure of insider trading details BCH

According to Coindesk news, recently, according to a Coinbase filed a new revision of collective action, revealed last year 12 month the insiders in more detail how to use BCH Coinbase to profit. The file on 11 June 20 submitted to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, an overview of why the plaintiff that Coinbase “on the launch of the BCH made a false and deceptive speech”; how to lead BCH exchange prices soared while driving down the price of BTC Coinbase; internal staff how to list BCH, claimed that the sale of the tokens in the other customers before. The plaintiff said that because of this plan, the Coinbase costs a lot of income obtained from the customer’s trading, Coinbase BCH won the inflated price difference from, and avoid the company’s “run”. The seller was eager to use the inflated price, at the close of trading after the release of the minutes, and some internal staff on this issue during the BCH sell high profits.

IFAB block chain trade financing platform officially released

According to the Shenzhen news network news, the China digital bank forum and small bank Internet Banking (Shenzhen) annual conference, IFAB block chain trade financing platform officially released, the platform will create connectivity within the Trade Corridor, a number of industries, including the blockchain platform covers advanced technology, can achieve trade finance business processes online digital, intelligent, effectively solve the industry panorama data loss, regional trade integration, cross-border operation, difficult to get through the low aging pain point.

Affected by the exchange have been repaired to GasToken vulnerabilities

According to earlier news coindesk, the network security company Level K said that due to the existence of loopholes in all ETH platform code, an attacker may be able to obtain many exchange holdings. According to the latest disclosure of Level K, Level K recently discovered involving GasToken loopholes in the contract, affected by a number of unnamed exchange. According to the disclosure, the affected parties have been informed in November 13th, all affected the exchange fixes this vulnerability. It is reported that GasToken refund mechanism of Ethernet square storage, allowing the user to gas stored in low price, high price and get a refund in the gas. By casting a large number of GasToken to receive ETH, can be profitable attacks.

Carrefour in Spain launched poultry food chain block tracking platform

According to cointelegraph reports, according to a press release on Tuesday, retail giant Carrefour is the Spanish Super network deployment books poultry chain food tracking platform based on block. Originally developed by American Technology Corp IBM food tracking solution will be used to track feeding in the northern region of Galicia, without antibiotic treatment of chickens. Each package in the network will be marked with the QR code, date of birth, nutrition type, packing date detailed information about poultry.

CCTV financial channel: “hard fork” for bitcoin plummeted push

In today’s economic information broadcast CCTV financial channel, bitcoin slump recently conducted a special report, the financial channel said bitcoin fell over 70% years, “hard bifurcation” as the director of the Peking University Guanghua School of Management Department of financial collapse push, Liu Xiao Lei in an interview for the BCH bifurcation are explained. Renmin University of China International Monetary Institute researcher Li Hong with said digital currency itself now, creating no social profits, more from the hype, weakening confidence will inevitably lead to the retail selling, also make the digital currency market will continue to decline in may.

Over the past two days flash crash type BTC large transfers fell, down 81.59% year on year

In the past two days, the market volatility of digital currency market suffered large amplitude, sparked the digital currency market panic type flash crash crash. In November 19-20, two days, BTC market price from $5737 slumped to lows of $4060, similarly, 2017 (last year) in September 14-15, two days, BTC market price once fell to $3946 from the lowest point of 2947, also caused a large range of market panic. According to PeckShield data show: last year the situation awareness platform within two days (September 14-15), more than 1000 pieces of BTC large transfers appear a total of 373 pen, involving a total of 1552507 pieces of BTC, at the price of $3446 estimated market value of about $5349939122 this year, compared with two days before (19-20 November), 1000 BTC more than 95 pen large transfers, involving a total of 285753 pieces of BTC, the current average price of $4898 estimated market value of about $1399618194. It is not difficult to see, although the market suffered the same as last year – flash crash crash, but large transfers has decreased by 81.59%, may be the market fluctuations brought large transfers transaction flows is not over, or after a cattle to bear in the panic this year, investors more rational investment decision.

Placeholder VC partner: crypto currency market crash has 3 main reasons

According to CCN reports, Placeholder VC partner Chris Burniske said, the money market value fell 21% reasons encryption has three main points. First of all, the main stock price decline has suddenly led investors to clean up their portfolio, eliminating the high risk investment options such as encryption currency. This is because in the risk from the environment, the highest risk assets tend to be sold. In addition, the etheric Fang experienced last year 1CO boom last year to raise funds to be used to raise funds, this is a cyclical deleveraging. Third, the hash battle between bitcoin bitcoin cash and cash SV caused by the uncertainty of the market, further declines in the value of money encryption.

Calvin Ayre hopes to permanently split bitcoin bitcoin SV and ABC

According to CCN reports, in a blog post published this week, the founder of CoinGeek Calvin Ayre expressed the hope that the permanent division of bitcoin bitcoin SV and ABC. His first claim is Bitcoin.com mine pool through all its force is transferred to the BCH, including those used to calculate force bitcoin grid, a cheat”. If this is not the force transfer, SV will win the war, the so-called “hash”. In his opinion, there will be no bitcoin cash, but two independent chain. Ayre said ABC will accept all exchange tokens as BAB and SV were classified as BSV. They also want all the wallet, payment processors and other service providers to do the same, and they hope bitcoin ABC cooperation to promote this process. To this end, both sides agreed not to attack each other in the chain, and let the two chains as independent products on the market competition.

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