“Morning Post” was chain bitcoin on the part of the platform below $4100 to a new low; the NYSE brothers delayed the launch of bitcoin futures platform

chain When the post 2018. 11 years 21 month As early as 7 spot

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The chain was ChainDD11 21 market, more comprehensive index and trading platform Binance:

BTC bitcoin at $4316.07, down about 6% to 12 hours.

ETH Ethernet square at $128.22, down about 12 hours 6.7%.

Binance, BCH ABC at $218.61, up about 1.3% to 12 hours. BCHSV reported $56, about 8.6% to 12 hours.

XRP reboxetine currency at $0.43553, down about 12 hours 5.6%.

Dynamic chain ring:

South Korea blockchain industrial revitalization Association Chairman: 2020 years of government investment on blockchain 10 times in 2019

According to the daily economic news, South Korea block chain industry association chairman Jin Jiongzhu said recently that South Korea block chain industry promotion association will enjoy government subsidies in 2019, the budget will be used for personnel training and technology experiment. In 2020 the South Korean government investment to block chain industry will be 10 times that of 2019, the Korean government has the relevant draft. In addition, local governments are also interested in the development of industry chain full block.

Ping An Bank will use the blockchain technology to create intelligent boutique bank

According to people.com.cn reported that Ping An Bank assistant governor, executive director Yao Guiping said: “our business goal is to do an open, intelligent boutique bank.” He said, Ping An Bank will be based on artificial intelligence, cloud technology, block chain, big data, networking and other technologies to improve the management and service level, comprehensive implementation of intelligent management, marketing, financial management, risk control, payment, operation and financing etc..

According to reports, Ping An Bank in the future will be based on the parent company Chinese Ping An Group’s technical strength and financial capacity, with the scene of the platform for enterprises to provide comprehensive financial services; at the same time, the use of networking, block chain, big data technology, to ensure a low Corporate Banking Services this, efficient and personalized and open system; and open business, will make each production trade links embedded into the enterprise in banking services.

Dynamic currency circle:

10 minutes plunged $300! In the part of bitcoin platform below $4100

When the chain market, bitcoin transaction price in Coinbase and Bitstamp fell below $4100, near 4:30, Coinbase platform bitcoin transaction price of about 10 minutes from above $4300 to $4050, the transaction price of Bitstamp platform fell to $4048.6, compared to 24 hours before the high down over $800. But other platforms or relative ease, safety below the minimum $4400 coins.

Bitcoin futures fell about 10%, two consecutive record lows

The United States in November 20th, two American exchange bitcoin futures contract fell about 10%, at $4300 on the line following the shock, 19 days after the second consecutive day since the launch in December last year lows last week fell by about 14%, or even three weeks.

The world’s largest futures exchange, the United States Chicago Institute (CME) bitcoin BTC December futures contract fell more than 12.25%, to close at $4225, down 19, about 12%, to close at $4815, 14, refresh the record low of $5365 last week, tired and fell more than 13.97%.

The largest U.S. options exchange Cboe XBT bitcoin futures January contract fell about 9.11%, to close at $4365, 19 fell more than 11%, to close at $4802.5, 15, refresh the record low of $5365 last week, tired and fell to about 14.35%.

The NYSE brothers trading platform Bakkt bitcoin futures until next year

The NYSE parent company Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) 20 announced that its digital assets is expected on-line trading platform Bakkt Bakkt bitcoin ($) daily delivery futures contract date in January 24th next year. When App chain editor noticed, this last month Bakkt announced the time delayed for about a month, Bakkt said earlier, is scheduled to launch in December 12th this year the contract, only to be approved by regulators. The new date now still needs regulatory approval, Bakkt has not yet received regulatory approval.

When App news chain was introduced, Bakkt is ICE and the Boston Consulting Group, Microsoft and Starbucks and other companies jointly established platform, which will launch is the world’s first bitcoin settlement by the so-called real bitcoin futures contracts. At present, both major U.S. CME futures and Cboe futures is bitcoin cash settlement.

Bakkt explained that the preparation time set the date of the new will give customers more and liquidation. Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffer, due to launch products need some new processes, to test the risk and risk mitigation scheme for the new crypto currency asset classes, these resources will be applied.

Bitcoin this month fell nearly 30% this year, the biggest monthly decline

Beijing time 20 days, bitcoin intraday trading below $4400, hit a 13 month low, although back above $4600, but still lower than the earlier this month about $6320 transaction price to more than 27%, if maintained this decline, the cumulative decline in the largest bitcoin monthly month this year will be this month.

When App chain editor noticed, bitcoin 20 in Bitstamp and Coinbase trading price even below $4300.

Bloomberg: the United States Department of Justice investigation USDT issuers are manipulating bitcoin

Bloomberg quoted informed sources said, the U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether encryption, currency exchange Bitfinex and stable currency USDT issued by USDT Tether push up the price of bitcoin.

Bloomberg pointed out that the Ministry of justice to make Bitfinex and Tether action due to possible misconduct face more investigation. Last year, the two agencies on the financial derivatives regulatory agencies by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The sources said, the United States Department of justice and CFTC in cooperative investigation.

Peng Bo reports did not disclose details of the investigation, the chain did not check to get the App editor, the Justice Department and the CFTC have any related allegations of misconduct on Bitfinex and Tether. May final conclusion is that they do not have any illegal behavior.

The chain have App depth survey articles mentioned, according to Tether, all the USDT have issued dollar equivalent reserve assets as security. But Tether suspected of serious excess, stable currency USDT identity suspicious. But because of alleged nepotism and exchange Bitfinex, Tether face questions about bitcoin price manipulation.

British regulators consider banning a variety of encryption currency derivatives trading

According to Finance Magnates reported that in 20 days in London in a speech, the British regulator (FCA) strategy and competition executive director Christopher Woolard said, FCA will prohibit the so-called encryption currency CFDs (CFD) for consultation. In addition, may also include options, futures and negotiable securities.

Woolard said: “we are worried that retail investors are selling some transaction based token derivatives, their (structure) complex, large fluctuations, and often use leverage, market potential credit problems.”

When App news chain was mentioned at the end of 10, this year, FCA said it will consider whether to prohibit the sale of derivatives based on digital encryption currency to retail investors, consulting will start in the first quarter of next year, whether the future under the ban. FCA also plans to seek advice at the same time, will expand the scope of supervision to the asset itself and the exchange and encryption wallet and other infrastructure providers.

Woolard pointed out that the special working group of the British government after the investigation has been divided into three types of encryption currency, bitcoin transactions respectively this kind of type token, type token and type token security function.

The Spanish Ministry of Finance Survey 15 thousand encryption to prevent taxpayers, tax fraud

According to the Spanish newspaper El Pa, the largest circulation of s reports, the Spanish Ministry of Finance survey conducted last year about 15 thousand taxpayers encryption currency transactions.

Agencia Estatal de administration Tributaria the Spanish tax authorities the leadership of the Ministry of Finance (AEAT) stressed that as part of the annual tax control plan initiatives, the agency will “new technology block chain in the financial monitoring applications, especially encryption currency” to prevent tax fraud.

AEAT under the national Fraud Investigation Office (ONIF) has investigated dozens of companies operating in Spain, banks and intermediary institutions, selected 15 thousand taxpayers, for further examination of them. AEAT will monitor possible capital gains and operating income of these taxpayers to declare, to investigate whether digital money laundering.

AEAT said: “the use of encrypted bitcoin currency as payment is one of the most challenging requirements of today. In response to this threat, on the part of the tax authorities need to strengthen the use in various types of network information collection and analysis of new technology.”

Peru’s central bank warned encryption currency risk, volatility, fraudulent means

Peru’s central bank 16 in its official twitter on the recent encryption market crash response, warned the high volatility of encryption currency. Peru’s central bank said: “the central bank does not support encryption currency, they have the risk, because of price fluctuations, fraud case, and may be used for illegal activities. As of 2018 years and 10 months, bitcoin prices have dropped by 56%, 11 month fell 13%.”

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