Moscow government’s open source blockchain voting tool

nRunaway Comment: The Russian government is increasingly concerned about the technology related to the block chain, Ethereum founder also met with the Russian president. Recent Moscow government officials in the block-chain civic city management vote for the pilot, and the relevant code open source. Use this technology to make the “Active Citizen” project, including the voting plan, “more open.”n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
The Moscow government is pushing ahead with blockchain testing programs in local polling projects.n
Last year, Moscow government officials told the local press that it would explore how the technology could reduce the risk of fraud in the voting on urban management involving citizens. Potential applications to be affiliated with the Active Citizen e-government project are one of several areas in which blockchain has been explored (eg as a basis for a new land registration system).n
According to a December 4 statement, officials have developed a pilot system to track ballots on the blockchain, claiming that the technology could make the “Active Citizen” project “more open.”n
The government explained:n
n”The introduction of this technology will make the voting for the ‘Active Citizen’ project more open: It is hard to say whether the government misinterpreted the answer or changed the voting results when the citizens themselves could modify the information.”n
nIn addition to the public statement, the government released the code for a pilot solution on GitHub.n
The statement itself did not specify whether blockchain-based voting applications extended beyond the pilot phase. However, the sector has also drawn the attention of the Russian private sector, including the central securities custodian, which began testing blockchain agents last year, to involve shareholders in corporate decision-making polls.n

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