Mt.Gox intends to sell the trademark “Bitcoin”, but the buyer can perform?

Mt.Gox intends to sell the trademark “Bitcoin”, but the buyer can perform?


Tibanne KK, Japanese bankruptcy platform Mt. Gox cooperation company is looking for to buy “bitcoin” trademark rights of investors. The company for the first time the trademark in 2011, trademark protection period in Europe in 2021 to 2022 in japan.

However, the sale of Bitcoin The trademark has also caused some problems about the validity of the trademark, Bitcoin It has been widely used in digital currency circle, it can be moved to court for sale?

CoinDesk Interview Daliah Saper A lawyer, he is located in Chicago Saper Law The founder, he is a specialist in intellectual property rights. From his law firm Two thousand and thirteen To accept bitcoin payments, he said, all this if you want to enforce trademark ownership in the world, is a very difficult thing. He went on to explain that this is a technical term, no one can have a “shirt” or “watch this” trademark, Bitcoin Is the representative of bitcoin, people say Bitcoin It is said in the bitcoin.

Tibanne The company also packaged and sold their bitcoin related domain name, hope to sell at least One hundred Million dollars, the money can be used to repay creditors.

A Tibanne The management personnel in the Wall Street Journal said in an interview with. Mt.Gox The company went bankrupt, he hasn’t used “ Bitcoin ‘ The trademark.

Complex transactions

Saper That any person from Mt.Gox Buy Bitcoin The trademark, the trademark words are likely to encounter the problem itself. First, Tibanne The first is the mark, people buy face show that the trademark validity problems. Bitcoin The word first appeared in the Cong Two thousand and nine Published papers.

According to the UK intellectual property office, Tibanne The sale of trademarks involves four areas of the law, namely, software, electronic commerce, transport services and e-commerce hosting service. To buy any of the trademark people should take into account the four areas of the effectiveness of the problem. Otherwise, the trademark is likely to be abandoned, and the area for the new brand name.

May not agree

Saper proposal Tibanne Listed for sale Bitcoin The trademark, because the current digital encryption currency field, government departments and regulatory agencies are not familiar with this name. As a result, the trademark may be easily approved, because people do not know it approved Bitcoin Is a general term.

Saper Said: Perhaps the trademark audit institutions not clear what it is, maybe easily approved down.”

Saper Added, if a trademark application is approved or filed after two years, a trademark can not be recognized.


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