Mutual gold Evening News: bitcoin fell to 78% a year ago to return to the price, payment and beauty group responded illegal question

A, bitcoin fell to 78% to return to the price of a year ago, “bit force war” referred to as the fuse

In November 21st, bitcoin prices fell below $4300, is refers to the breakdown mill shutdown price, compared to nearly $twenty thousand in the 52 week high has fallen by 78%, essentially flat with a year ago in September 4th when the price regulation full stop ICO.

Two, the U.S. group responded to the question: is the illegal payment business according to the relevant departments for rectification

For the occupation fake people report Wang Hai Beauty Group reviews illegal business two times in response to the clearing business, beauty group review said, had been with the relevant departments in accordance with the requirements of compliance improvement plan, and continue to promote the implementation of the program according to the plan. The group said that the company has requested by the relevant departments, in cooperation with the liquidation organization according to the plan to promote the implementation of the rectification plan. At the same time, the U.S. group said that the company has always attached great importance to compliance management, pursue compliance concept first, will strictly implement the requirements of compliance management according to the law.

Third, in a large set of overdue payment service to Huoerguosi subsidiary continue to increase 40 million

A large set of supply and marketing (000564.SZ) announcement revealed that a large set of payment service also decided to subsidiary capital 4 billion.

11 19 April evening, and a large set of issued “on the capital Huoerguosi Xinhang peak Financial Investment Co. Ltd. notice” revealed that the supply and marketing of the large set of wholly owned subsidiary of Hainan supply and marketing a large set of gold Mdt InfoTech Ltd intends to supply a large set of wholly owned subsidiary of Huoerguosi Airlines letter prosperous financial investment limited capital 40 billion yuan. Capital for cash or cash or debt to equity, and debt to equity combination.

Four, 80 thousand in the first half net loan will be 260 thousand, men’s violent debt collection jingfangxingju

In November 21st, Anhui Province Public Security Bureau of Tianchang micro-blog official news release, Tianchang a man net loan of 80 thousand yuan, less than half a year, even with interest will also block more than 260 thousand. Unable to repay creditors to Zhejiang, violent debt collection, smashed furniture and household appliances. Recently, the police arrested the suspect Choi, and on suspicion of affray crime of criminal detention.

Five, Jubilee dragon platform actually accused 3 people fled abroad was arrested back to Shanghai, investors can register online

In November 21st, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Hongkou Branch issued informed that, recently, in the unified command of the Ministry of public security, Shanghai public security organs through international law enforcement cooperation, the success of Shanghai gold Financial Information Co., Pang (“Jubilee dragon”) chain, the actual controller Chen Chen Feng, Yu an arrest.

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