Mutual gold Evening News: gene editing baby hospital department of Putian Association of P2P bitcoin fell below $3500;

A, bitcoin fell below $3500 a month after 2017 years of low 8

According to coindesk data show that the price of bitcoin in Beijing time on November 25th at 5:30 in the morning to below $4000, and at around 18:30 below $3500, is a new low since August 2017. In the past 7 days, bitcoin prices fell to $more than 1700, a decrease of 30% compared to the end of the year highs at the end of December fell 81%. (Beijing)

Department of Putian hospital in two, the world’s first baby gene editing storm, P2P referred to as related party financing

In November 26th, a story titled “the world’s first AIDS immune gene editing in infants Chinese birth” the news caused by hot. It is worth mentioning that, in Lin Yuming’s foreign investment layout, and also a number of private hospital system in Putian jointly established medical community loan P2P platform.

Three, intercontinental oil and gas investment involved in grassroots illegal fund-raising case: police request to freeze its major shareholders 670 million shares

Grassroots investment suspected case of illegal deposits from the public and is expanding the scope of the listed company, Macro and intercontinental oil and gas have been involved.

November 23rd, intercontinental oil and gas (600759) released “on the holdings of shares held by the shareholders were frozen justice notice” pointed out that the Chinese received the securities depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. Shanghai branch forwarding Hangzhou District Yuhang City Public Security Bureau issued the “notice” to assist in the freezing of property and higher people’s Court of Hainan Province issued the “assist in the implementation of the notice”. (seven News Network)

Four, continue to shrink the front, Wanda started to invest in the real estate money’s fast clearance

Fiscal union reporter learned exclusively, Wanda financial sector’s fast money companies are gradually multiple Wanda Plaza project held maneuvers to Wanda business management group, only maneuvers successful projects at least 4, including Leshan, Shaoxing, Shangyu, Deyang, Chongqing, Yongchuan four to the Wanda plaza.

Five, Minsheng Bank WeChat withdrawal fee rose to 0.15%, the price adjustment “slobber war”

Recently, WeChat announced that it would pay the Minsheng Bank cash service fee to the 0.15% announcement, sparked heated debate, also attracted a Minsheng Bank “slobber battle”. In November 25th, the Beijing Daily reporter from WeChat to pay the latest response from the said change rules of the charges, according to the Minsheng Bank is charged to pay WeChat quick payment fee cost. From this point of view, WeChat hopes to improve the people’s livelihood payment card users in cash and transfer fees to make up for their livelihood card quick pay consumption cost. Third party payment charges behind the hand to cover part of the cost, on the other hand, through the toll, intention to leave your money in its own ecosystem. (Beijing daily)

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