Mutual gold weekly: Tencent sued 4 technology company; Australia to the Cong bitcoin zapan

Your financial exit P2P

11 13, Hangzhou P2P platform with financial publishing business suspension announcement that will exit the P2P in the field of benign regulatory authorities under the guidance of phased payment of funds investors, since the date of the announcement, the platform system will not mention now, not out, close the recharge channel, but does not affect the borrower and investor login and query function. At present, my home has been emptied of new financial official website subject etc..

Associated gold is no longer a small loan on behalf of herniamesh

11 June 14, associated gold issued a notice, from the 2018 year 10 month 8 day, he Meizhi of small loans for various reasons, unable to perform on the part of the borrower overdue guarantee liability (immediate compensation). So, gold linked daily late start of the advance, advance to November 12, 2018 the cumulative amount reached 6685399.05 yuan (RMB). Associated gold in November 2018 2, many small loan herniamesh issued a lawyer’s letter, did not receive a response. The associated gold said not to continue to advance to the borrower overdue.

Micro credit network listed on the NYSE

EDT November 15th, car mortgage loan platform P2P micro loan (Hangzhou) Financial Information Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “micro credit network”) for the first time in the New York Stock Exchange listing, stock code “WEI”, the company plans to issue 4 million 500 thousand shares of American Depositary Shares (ADS), the issue price range of $9~11, raising a total amount of not more than $56 million 925 thousand.

Australia to the Cong bitcoin zapan

November 15th morning, long to Nakamoto as Craig Steven Wright (Australian person “Macao Satoshi”) tweets said, if the miners went to support Jihan Wu BCH, he will sell BTC in U.S. dollars, and will sell a large number of. He believes that there is no space in the BTC market, BTC will drop below $1000.

The global digital encryption currency overall below the market value of $181 billion, hit a new low since last October 31st, 24 hours lost more than $30 billion.

Tencent sued 4 technology companies

In November 16th, Hangzhou Internet court news release, November 2, 2018, filed in Shenzhen city Tencent computer system Co. Ltd., Tencent of science and Technology (Shenzhen) Co. v. Hangzhou four Network Technology Co. Ltd. using WeChat public number and related procedures of unfair competition case. The four companies for the Hangzhou underground vault Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou harbour network science and technology limited company, Zhejiang Shuren superior network technology limited, Hangzhou Fire Network Technology Co. ltd..

Tencent said: the four defendants to a natural person Liu to form associated with the company, by registered a large number of similar WeChat public number, using the association of small procedures, do not have the premise for small loans, Internet financial information intermediary business qualifications, to the “one minute examination, three minutes of loan”, “new households in seconds three minutes, the rapid arrival of” expression such as false propaganda, illegal network loans, cash, fees and other acts of fraud.

Shenzhen public security bulletin P2P case

The evening of November 17th, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau issued investment home, network, financial investment, Limin piggy bank 4 Platform of the latest case report.

The vote this week the new payment of 395 million yuan, the new real estate seized 50 set. The police arrested a suspect fled abroad and in 11 9 April escorted home;

The people this week added to 3 million 500 thousand yuan;

This week the financial investment and add new payment 810 thousand;

This week the new payment piggy bank 50 million.

Let gold suit the actual control people were arrested

In November 19th, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Pudong branch released a disc of gold clothing suspected case of illegal deposits from the public informed of the latest progress. Informed that, recently, the unified command of the Ministry of public security, Shanghai public security organs through international law enforcement cooperation, the success of disc gold suit Zhang Mouren actual control of arrest. 7 2018 23, Shanghai City, Pudong Public Security Bureau on suspicion of the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits of gold disc service investigation. The investigation, 2017 years 3 months to the incident, Shanghai was the financial Touchplus information Corp without permission, through the “disc gold service platform, with high returns as bait, not specific to the social public funds illegally.

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