MyEtherWallet code ushers in a fork, MyCrypto service is about to be born

nRunaway Comment: MyEtherWallet has been popular with cryptocurrency users for its easy-to-use web wallet solution for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Now, for MyEtherWallet, it seems a new era is about to open. The team is about to fork its code base to produce a competing service called MyCrypto. In the future, MyEtherWallet is likely to go offline and disappear, but it is still likely that the service will continue to run until MyCrypto is fully operational and thoroughly reviewed.n
nTranslation: Clovern
Most of Ethereum’s hobbies are always using MyEtherWallet’s services at some point in your life. This is a handy web solution for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. In addition, it supports authentication through hardware wallets for added security. As far as MEW is concerned, it seems that a new era is coming. Code “forked” in orderly manner, it seems competitive services will have a larger team. Whether this is a positive change remains to be seen.n
Few people know that MyEtherWallet’s service already exists since 2015. There was a tremendous need for the online secure Ethereum and ERC20 wallet choices. Within months, the service peaked and became a household name in the cryptocurrency space. The overall reputation of the platform is good, but also provides users with a very convenient service.n
Although MyEtherWallet also encountered some problems in the development process, but in most cases the service remains stable. Over the past few years, the site’s code has undergone several major updates, although for quite some time, this is just a small project. The team even helped to resolve some of the The Black issues related to The DAO, though the DAO project will not be saved until the end. However, despite the fact that the service of MEW has not been affected at all, the service is still very popular.n
2017 is a very interesting year for the MyEtherWallet team. With the influx of new users and increased server costs, it quickly becomes apparent that a two-person team can not afford such a heavy workload. There are also phishing sites that try to trick MEW users into exposing their login credentials, though most of these sites have been closed. As more and more ICOs pop up, MyEtherWallet is more popular than ever before.n
It now appears that 2018 appears to be the new starting point for MyEtherWallet service, with users paying more attention to security, privacy and ease of use. In addition, the corporate and financial structure will also be such as to legally protect all team members from falling into a debt crisis. As a result, MyEtherWallet will eventually disappear, but online service will still be available until further notice.n
The “new” service will continue under MyCrypto’s banner. There will be a well-established team to help improve the platform, focus on providing additional security measures and informing the public why such services are so important to cryptocurrencies. MEW domain names will continue to be active, GitHub code base and social media accounts will also remain active. Users can choose MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto, but after a few months, it seems the latter’s service will be more “advanced.”n
The future MyEtherWallet may be offline, but the service is likely to continue running until MyCrypto is fully operational and thoroughly reviewed. Whether MyCrypto can “surpass” MEW is still unknown, but it is not a bad thing either of the two services based on the same code base.n

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